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May 19, 2016
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HOUR 1 Terror on airlines - Clarence Thomas - George Zimmerman - Possible terror attack EgyptAir. Trump beating Hillary in poll. Clarence Thomas at Hillsdale College. Has George Zimmerman read Jesse’s book The Antidote? Black University of Iowa freshman lies about “racist” attack at bar.

HOUR 2 Clarence Thomas - Anger - Black Lives Matter worse than KKK - Obama ruined it. Clarence Thomas on life values. You cannot stop from being angry, only God does. Emails & FB comments: Reader claimed KKK was around 300 years. How Black Lives Matter is worse than KKK.

HOUR 3 Rosalie Chamberlain - Transgenders in the bathrooms - RosalieChamberlainConsulting.com book “Conscious Leadership in the Workplace.” Christian woman, diversity & inclusion consultant discusses transgenders using the wrong restrooms, locker rooms & showers with force of law behind them.

May 18, 2016
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HOUR 1 Refugees bringing disease - Liberal inventions - Iran - Bernie supporters unhappy. Rise of tuberculosis by Muslim refugees. Obama spends millions on “summer jobs” for refugees and “underserved.” Why do liberals own all the money and inventions? Iran treatment of US sailers worse than we know.

HOUR 2 Black Lives Matter hate cops - Student falsely accused of rape - Dartmouth College Black Lives Matter defaces pro-police “Blue Lives Matter.” Black student athlete has consensual sex with woman whose friend then cries rape, gets him kicked out of Colorado State University-Pueblo. No sex outside marriage.

HOUR 3 Patrick Rooney on Mens Conference - Gay black pastor LIES - GUEST: Patrick Rooney Skypes in, urges sponsorship of 7th annual Fatherhood and Men’s Conference. THEN: Homosexual black pastor admits false story about Whole Foods “Love Wins F**” but doesn’t apologize for LYING, just like Black Lives Matter false “racism” stories. Jesse answers question: How can (angry) single black mothers raise boys?

May 17, 2016
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HOUR 1 College kids on gender identity - False accusation of rape - Family Policy Institute of Washington exposes brainwashed university students think gender is "fluid" and a "social construct." Black male student has “consensual sex” with female in Colorado State University-Pueblo, then her friend gets him kicked out of school for “rape.”

HOUR 2 The Torchbearer - Trump - Do not comply with evil - Phil Robertson, Citizens United make “The Torchbearer” movie. Caller apologizes, corrects record on Trump: No gambling, didn’t bring strip clubs into NJ, NV. Caller not sure how to treat transgenders: Jesse says don’t go along with them.

HOUR 3 Rich Wessenberg - Role models - Obama - Fatherhood - GUEST: Rich Wessenberg, author “Treasures of the Believing Heart,” voted for Obama twice because of war & helping poor; says children need role models in addition to parents; caller protests voting for Obama as a Christian. THEN: Caller asks how to raise his angry young daughter.

May 16, 2016
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HOUR 1 Belief drives you - Obamacare Tax Covers Transgenderism - You do not have a will, but you have beliefs that drive you. Jesse spoke at AFA remembering Avi Davis. Obamacare forces companies to cover gender transitioning. How blacks feel now with black “Christian” president, turned America (and the world) into a ghetto. George Zimmerman auctioning gun again.

HOUR 2 9-11 mosque worker - Overcomer Greg Abbott - Loveless Obama - Culver City mosque worker possibly supported 9/11. James got sick, doesn’t like watermelon. 3-hour TSA wait. How TX Gov. Greg Abbott lost use of legs, but not spirit. Susan Rice and Obama uninspiring grad speeches — parents killed Obama’s loveless soul. Sponsor BOND 7th Fatherhood & Men’s Conference.

HOUR 3 Blacks are hated under Obama - Business - Hispanic hate - All races hate blacks, especially after Obama. Sylmar brawl exposes black & Hispanic hate. Listener created thriving business, thanks Jesse. Believing thoughts makes you feel overwhelmed. How Hispanics transform white communities. Hispanics hate and pre-judge blacks, as blacks hate and pre-judge whites.

May 13, 2016
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HOUR 1 Obama transgenders in schools - Christians cannot sin debate - Obama and Loretta Lynch tell schools to let transgenders in the wrong bathrooms. Target CEO defies normal people. Guardian US hater of American white men predicts Trump presidency. Caller: God is not ok with sin but we still sin.

HOUR 2 Illegal alien surge - Do Christians sin - Negatives on Trump - Texas ranch owner sees more illegals crossing Rio Grande. Caller: We as Christians continue to sin. Caller: Looking at the negatives against Trump, thinks Jesse gives Trump a pass. First-time Christian caller sins all the time.

HOUR 3 George Zimmerman gun - Is sin a conscious act - George Zimmerman putting his gun up for auction; Trayvon’s mom and Hillary are hypocrites. Sin is an unconscious, willful act. Susan Rice: Too many whites in national security. How do you know you believe in God?

May 12, 2016
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HOUR 1 Satan in your mind - Bruce Jenner - School violence - On the fallen state: Satan embedded in your mind. RAPE PAC against Hillary. Bruce Jenner sex-change regret. School violence in Los Angeles, Chicago, Wilmington. Get Jesse in schools; read The Antidote.

HOUR 2 Taking down white men - Sinner Christian judges Trump - Support BOND Men’s Conference. George Zimmerman auctioning his gun. Phil Robertson truth: transgenders in the bathrooms. “Civil rights” charges for Michael Slager in Walter Scott killing. The Fallen State preview. Caller questions Trump’s character, calls out his sins and promoting sin.

HOUR 3 Crista Huff on TPP - Emails - FB - Caller judges Trump - GUEST: Crista Huff of GoodfellowLLC.com on Fast Track, TPP, protectionism, and stock market. How foreign currency manipulation kills American jobs. THEN: Emails & FB comments: DOJ indicts NC but not Hillary; Black Ferguson police chief. Caller judges Trump (and Hillary) as taking identity from riches.

May 11, 2016
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HOUR 1 Teacher on socialism - respect - LGBT - God - USA - IN-STUDIO GUEST: Larry Strauss, author “Students First and Other Lies: Straight Talk from a Veteran Teacher.” He supports Bernie, not Trump, talks socialized medicine, Black Lives Matter. Should students respect teachers as authorities? He is okay with transgenders in the wrong bathrooms. He has doubts about God at times. Caller on secular vs. Christian nation.

HOUR 2 Woman counselor on insecure men - Cruz and weak men - GUEST: Sheri E. Ragland buzzaboutrelationships.com author “Seven Deep Insecurities Men Don’t Want Women to Know.” Is the husband the head of his wife? On millennials’ open-mindedness. THEN: Caller on women leading church, then Cruz listening to his wife’s “word from the Lord.” It’s fine to criticize Trump.

HOUR 3 Marquis on car accident - family - God - politics - Chicago public schools pushing transgenders in the bathrooms. IN-STUDIO GUEST: Marquis from Alabama tells about his car accident, marriage and family life, running his barber shop, how BOND helped him, overcoming anger, believing in Jesus, influencing others, father, mother, Trump & “Lean on Me,” male earrings, quitting rap, knowing God.

May 10, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Prayer guest - Obama praises evil Black Lives Matter - GUEST: Liz Beamer (LizBeamerMinistries.com) on praying, book “Set the Captive Free.” THEN: Bill O’Reilly addresses Obama’s Howard University speech praising Black Lives Matter & Black Twitter, contributing to the rise of Trump.

HOUR 2 Musicians marital trouble - Father forced to treat daughter as boy - Hollywood Updates: Elton John’s “husband” cheated? Ozzy Osborne 33-yr marriage on the rocks. Canadian father ordered to treat 11-y-o daughter as a boy. Gays trying to kick out Judge Roy Moore. Do not re-marry unless your wife dies.

HOUR 3 Blacks exploited for LGBT - Trump attacks Hillary on women - North Carolina and Loretta Lynch DOJ sue each other over law banning transgenders in the wrong bathrooms. Judge Roy Moore addresses being attacked by mentally ill transvestites. Organize to make Trump do what we want. Trump attacks Clintons over hatred of “women.”

May 09, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Dr Anne Speckhard - ISIS - rape - Azealia Banks for Trump - GUEST: Anne Speckhard, Ph.D., AnneSpeckhard.com PTSD & terror psychology expert/author debates Jesse on Trump, KKK, Black Lives Matter, rape in military, and Muslim terror. THEN: Jesse swims poorly. NC sues feds on misuse of Civil Rights Act. Azealia Banks backs Trump, says Hillary treats blacks like “children or pets.”

HOUR 2 Caller case against Trump - Emotionally identified with politics - Caller on Trump “touchback amnesty”: Will he put Americans first? Conservatives’ moral beefs against Trump. Civil Rights Act and transgenders: James tries to explain; NC sues federal government. Caller on conservatives criticizing Trump and identifying with Reagan and Cruz, and getting upset over disagreement.

HOUR 3 Tow truck refuses Bernie supporter - Blacks lie and hate whites - Woman apologized for getting mad at Jesse over Trump, Cruz, & Reagan. Trump-supporting tow truck driver refuses Bernie-supporting customer. We must restore men in America. Black female university students & West Point cadets hate whites and promote lies.

May 06, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 RINOs against Trump - Are you a millionaire - Evil recreates children in parents image. Paul Ryan, Romney, Bushes, McCain not ready for Trump. Food stamp spending has soared. Men’s Forum Q: Are you a millionaire? Do you have the mindset?

HOUR 2 Caller case against Trump - Illegals flooding in - Moral people or govt - Paul Ryan won’t unite GOP. Caller’s moral case against Trump. Jesse and callers react. Report: Illegals flooding the borders. Is it the government’s job to be moral, or is it the people’s job to be moral?

HOUR 3 Morality in people - Millionaire mindset - London Muslim mayor. Kenyan illegal migrant brutally murders woman in streets of Vienna, Austria. Moral people or moral government? Are you a millionaire? Do you have the mindset? Callers: No. Callers talking about Jews & Israel.

May 05, 2016
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HOUR 1 Marriage trouble - Man acting as mom - Dennis C Miller - Black caller discusses marriage trouble: Jesse says he’s become the woman, and so his wife hates him. GUEST: Dennis C. Miller (DennisCMiller.com) author of “Moppin’ Floors to CEO,” on rage, depression, medication. Jesse says we must repent of hating our fathers and mothers because resentment turns us away from the Father.

HOUR 2 Trump VP pick - DOJ attacks NC - Anti-Trump FB comments - Major wildfire in northern Alberta. Caller liked Ben Carson for President; Who will Trump pick for VP? DOJ threatens to take federal funds from NC over anti-transgender bathroom bill. Emails & FB comments: Some Christians think Trump is “evil” as Hillary is.

HOUR 3 Wayne Allyn Root - The Power of Relentless - Morality Debate - GUEST: Wayne Allyn Root (RootforAmerica.com), book: “The Power of Relentless”; reality show on Investigation Discovery: “Las Vegas Law.” THEN: James and Andre debate a Christian person’s text accusing Wayne Root of prioritizing the economy and things of the world and not morality first, saying that’s the problem with America.

May 04, 2016
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HOUR 1 Mike Cernovich - Trump - America - Manhood - IN-STUDIO: Mike Cernovich (DangerandPlay.com) author of Gorilla Mindset talks about evil in America, why he’s for Donald Trump, why not for Ted Cruz, leaving Christianity due to hypocrisy, writing about manhood and success, returning to God and decency.

HOUR 2 Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet - Transgenders - GUEST: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet (herplace.com) says no one truly changes their genetic gender. Jesse says it’s a spiritual issue: transgenders have high suicide rates. Restore sanity to bathroom rules: People with male parts in men’s rooms, and female in women’s. She works with male transgender, calls him “her.”

HOUR 3 Gene Wagstaff - Anger - Forgiveness - GUEST: Gene Wagstaff, founder of Word of God Counseling (wogcounseling.org) on anger from childhood, multiple marriages before becoming Christian, forgiving his father and mother but never going to them. Gene says you do not have to go to the person you hated; but Jesse says the Bible says you do.

May 03, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Runner - N-word hypocrisy - Roger Stone - GUEST: Dana Ayers, author of “Confessions of an Unlikely Runner.” Larry Wilmore: Yo Barry, you did it my N-word. GUEST: Roger Stone (new site StoneColdTruth.com) on proper fashion for men. Trump is a tough fighter. Cruz is not as strong.

HOUR 2 Sam The Soul Stylist - Vocal Fry - Clinton Cash - Head of wife - GUEST: Sam “The Transformational Soul Stylist” Welton (samthesoulstylist.com) “Can’t Kick A** in Broken Heels.” Who or what broke men? What does it mean for man to be head of wife? HOLLYWOOD UPDATES: Young women using “vocal fry.” Book-turned-movie “Clinton Cash” preview. THEN: Caller: Wife is reflection of husband.

HOUR 3 Beate Chelette - Transgenders in the bathrooms - GUEST: Beate Chelette (BeateChelette.com), author of “The Women’s Code” and “Happy Woman Happy World: The Foolproof Fix that Takes You from Overwhelmed to Awesome!” Target steps into controversy with transgenders in the bathrooms. Beate goes to Agape church with Michael Beckwith, learned to accept LGBT people, love Hillary.

May 02, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Mental health - Childhood trauma - Education - Racism - GUEST: Grad student Breana White of Mount Saint Mary’s University held the 1st annual Mental Health Discussion: Supporting Our Black Youth, showing documentary “American Promise” on two black boys, their parents & schools. Mothers & fathers traumatize their kids with anger and pressure. Is white supremacy real or imagined?

HOUR 2 No free will - Feminist Obama - KY pandering - Anger never justified - 9 arrested, 5 cops injured in Seattle May Day riot. Scientists say free will could be an illusion; Jesse says yes. Obama nominates female dean for West Point. Kentucky Confederate monument removed to keep blacks feeling justified in anger. Caller: Why doesn’t Jesse acknowledge blacks have a reason to be angry? Jesse: They don’t.

HOUR 3 GUEST: Lisa Goich, author of “14 Days: A Mother, A Daughter, A Two Week Goodbye,” memoir on mother’s death. Where does the soul go? Lisa embodies many religions but grew up Christian. THEN: Callers: Humans have free will compared to angels. Does the Bible say we have free will? Al Sharpton and blacks don’t appreciate Civil War lives lost to free slaves.

Apr 29, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Illegals against Trump - Carly praised Hillary - God and sin - Riots against Trump by angry Mexicans and pro-illegal aliens. Carly praised Hillary. Hillary campaign gives out “woman cards.” Caller repeats God judges us, says he sins like others, but if Jesse’s not angry, neither is he. Callers for Trump.

HOUR 2 Hillary woman card - Transgenders - Embracing enemies - Hillary promotes first woman president mess. Cruz said he didn’t know Boehner. 3 girls drowned: blacks used against whites for power. Transgenders allowed in wrong bathrooms by Target. Daily Wire stories. “Spiritual” caller admires Jews for punishing enemies, says blacks embrace people who harm their enemies.

HOUR 3 Blacks too forgiving - Trump on transgenders - Callers: Blacks are weak for praying for their enemies; he doesn’t believe in Jesus. Caller’s gotcha: Trump on transgender bathrooms. Curt Schilling on “racist,” anti-conservative ESPN. Fake Dallas transgender story, angry transgenders and homosexuals. War zone in Nashville.

Apr 28, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Nike Maples - Hunting Hope - Helping others - NikaMaples.com Author of “Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light,” suffered from lupus since age 12, a stroke at 20 that left her quadriplegic. Her father left but she learned not to blame herself. Podcast: “Keep Going with Nika Maples.” THEN: Jesse spoke with “dying” woman in a hospital. Caller wants to help people.

HOUR 2 CO gay discrimination - Target transgenders - Trump a man - James hosts 1st segment: The Fallen State previews; Colorado cake shop forced not to discriminate against gays. Trump ok with transgenders in wrong bathroom? Peeping Tom in Target bathroom Brentwood, MO. People don’t like Trump, a man — masculinity is hated by men and women. Emails & FB comments

HOUR 3 Blind blacks nurse their anger - Weak Cruz caters to women - BRIEF GUEST: Irritated Genie didn’t confront absent father, blames racism. Jesse hangs up. Exposing black student violence and anger. Ted Cruz is weak: Catering to “strong, powerful” women with Carly VP pick. Weak Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer” — an act? Your war is with your mind and spirit within, not others.

Apr 27, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Why Never Trump - How Is Cruz Better for President - GUEST: Steve Wetzel (formerly Missionaries to the Unborn mttu.com) on Never Trump: He has born no fruit. Has Ted Cruz borne fruit? Trump appeals to the baser instincts of man, name-calls. Cruz prays. Trump doesn’t ask forgiveness. Callers: Africa 400 years ago no Christianity. Trump unpresidential. Cruz happy with RINO support, shrugs constitution at times.

HOUR 2 Callers - Trump for President or not - Simulcast with Heidi Harris - Caller on Melania Trump vs Beyonce nudity. Thank God for being born American via slavery. Caller on Trump vs Cruz. SIMULCAST: Heidi Harris show AM 840 KXNT (Las Vegas). Heidi questions Jesse for stumping for Trump. Beyonce’s creepy movie/album trailer for Lemonade on HBO. Overcome your passion: Be a dispassionate person.

HOUR 3 Yoni Wolf - emptiness - peace - manhood - religion - Cincinnati songwriter, artist, and producer (twitter.com/YoniWolf) talks about loneliness, emptiness, peace. His music is not “weird.” What it means to be a man (Is a transgender who wants to be a woman a man?). Son of a Messianic Jewish Rabbi on what it means to be Jewish but not buy into religion. Album by Yoni & Geti: “Testarossa” on JoyfulNoiseRecordings.com

Apr 26, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - Can you go beyond faith - Obama kills coal - AmericanLibertywithBillLockwood.com and IowaParkCoC.org How do we develop faith? Bill: Knowledge builds faith. Jesse: When you know God you relax in him. I can tell when I doubt God. Is the presence of God within, or is it above? Obama’s federal government shutting down coal industry. Virginia governor lets felons vote. Cruz & Kasich vs Trump not good.

HOUR 2 Hollywood Updates - High-schoolers Drew and Matt on politics - Kelly tells of drama on LIVE with Kelly and Michael: Michael Strahan leaving; Beyonce’s evil, angry music videos for Lemonade album hints at Jay Z cheating. THEN: Tamir Rice family gets $6 million from Cleveland. Armenian Genocide vs Turkish counter protest. GUESTS: Drew and Matt 14-year-old Christian and Jew on politics.

HOUR 3 Dr Julie Gowthorpe on divorce - Callers - Trump on Christianity - DrJulieGowthorpeRSW.com author of Tainted Love: Why Your Ex Is Making You Miserable and What You Can Do About It. Jesse says children need their fathers more than their mothers after 3. THEN: Callers: Hillary wants to divide Israel. Update on 3 black criminal girls drowned in pond. Cruz supporter debates Trump’s Christianity.

Apr 25, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Cruz and Kasich vs Trump - Black felon voters for Hillary - Jesse’s accidental mass text to family. Cruz and Kasich in establishment against Trump. White Pennsylvania Democrats become Republicans to vote Trump. Democrat Virginia governor allows felons to vote (Maryland too). Caller has grandfather from African slavery, is a college student voting for Bernie, but likes German Trump.

HOUR 2 Ohio family murder - Anti-discrimination hurts - Sinner Christian caller - 8 family members killed involved in Ohio drug trade. Obama a girl: 250 troops to Syria not to fight. 90-y-o male former Sen. Harris Wofford marrying a man. Young caller talks about slavery in Africa. BOND looking for employees. Blacks, women, and homosexuals hurt by anti-discrimination laws. Caller says God judging America, says he still sins, accuses Jesse of sinning.

HOUR 3 Black-on-black crime called a myth - Callers on Trump vs Cruz - Former NFL player bemoans black-on-black crime; Black Lives Matter leader calls it a myth and blames racist system. Caller likes Trump’s priorities for country: Immigration, trade, jobs, terror; claims he’s ok with women in men’s restroom. Cruz supporter’s text: real conservatives don’t support Trump. Trump only one to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Apr 22, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 College kids trans OK - Prison slavery - Prince worshipped - Girl beaten to death in DE school bathroom. Prince Rogers Nelson dead at 57. Joseph Blackholm of Family Policy Institute of Washington interviews college students on transgenders. Caller talks about previous guest Irritated Genie and slavery in prisons. Patrick Rooney calls: Prince was unmanly and worshipped, but Scalia was a good man and reviled.

HOUR 2 Mass-housing - God’s judgment - Trump and Christians - Big housing buildings going up in neighborhoods: Jesse is fighting. Caller says God is judging America, but Jesse says Americans are bringing trouble on themselves. Caller says God tells her not to go out because people attempt to take her life. Caller says Trump never went to public bathroom. Jesse says Christians could change moral issues ourselves.

HOUR 3 Fatherless black violence in schools - Love of father and mother - Colin Flaherty clip: Girl beaten to death in school bathroom; a pregnant girl repeatedly assaulted by boy. Caller on home schooling, violence, transgenders in bathrooms, crooked Hillary. Caller says non-blacks have neanderthal blood. Callers on fights in schools. Compassion yet punishment for the angry black kids.

Apr 21, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bruce Fleury - The Negro Project - Sad Bernie Supporter - GUEST: Bruce Fleury, author of The Negro Project, pro-life activist from Detroit: Bio and beliefs of Margaret Sanger. Jesse: Police gave abortion pill to minor after rape. Black Americans headed for virtual extinction in 80 years. THEN: Sanders supporter cries on FB video after calling Southern Trump voters. The Fallen State preview: Satanism and feminism.

HOUR 2 James Hirsen - HBO hits Clarence Thomas - GUEST: JamesHirsen.com - author, attorney, law professor: HBO Does a Hit Piece on Clarence Thomas. THEN: Harriet Tubman going on the $20 bill, putting Democrat President Andrew Jackson on the back. Caller has no problem. Jesse: They’re erasing history. Andre’s stitches out: SO PAINFUL. Emails & FB comments.

HOUR 3 Terry Krepel - ConWebWatch - Is Jesse a White Supremacist - GUEST: ConWebWatch.com Terry Krepel, once of Media Matters, asks, “Jesse Lee Peterson, White Supremacist?” in extensive blog post. Jesse says David Duke is not a good example of a “white supremacist,” and that racism does not exist. Terry Krepel and Jesse call out one another’s inaccuracies. Jesse speaks the truth to help people. Callers react.

Apr 20, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump wins NY - Cruz vs Hannity on delegates - Trump and Hillary each win NY primary. Hannity interviews Cruz who will not answer how he courts delegates to switch to him in case of contested convention. Richmond court with Dept. of Ed. forces school to let girl in boys’ bathroom. Callers do not trust Cruz.

HOUR 2 Sinless life - Old white lady yells at black - Caller accuses Trump - Trump won majority of Republican women in NY. Tweet: Can you be sinless with God’s power? Yes. Old white female volunteer at NC hospital yells at black man. Supposedly it’s “racism.” Caller compares Trump to angry woman and claims Trump called Carly ugly, said Megyn Kelly was bleeding from “orifices,” and Carson a pedophile.

HOUR 3 David Horowitz - Jew Haters - Jesse endorses Trump - #StoptheJewHatredonCampus David Horowitz (FrontPageMag.com) describes anti-Israel, anti-Christian liberal attacks in UCLA, by Obama, and Black Lives Matter. New book: “Progressive Racism.” Jesse describes dire living situation of blacks made worse by illegals & Hispanic immigrants. Muslim terror attacks on the rise. Economy a mess. Trump is man for job.

Apr 19, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Black anger - Hillary panders - Terror - Hating Trump - Black anger toward whites hurts blacks. Hillary panders to blacks with hot sauce. Biden criticizes Israel. Jerusalem bus bombing. Caller on God’s judgment and knowing what’s right. Trump exposing corrupt political world. Corey Lewandowski does not apologize to Michelle Fields. White Privilege Conference. Liberals hate Donald Trump: artist, rapper.

HOUR 2 Unclassy Obama - The black low standard - Crooked Hillary - Hollywood Updates: Stars join anti-abortion party; Jane Fonda for Hillary, against men; Rick Ross’s ankle monitor beeps at Obama White House. Caller says Cruz KNOWS he cannot win. Blacks held to a lower standard. Jesse gets comments struggling at swimming. “Crooked Hillary”: The name sticks. SNL mocks Dem debate and “the black vote.”

HOUR 3 Jesse’s calling - True forgiveness - Caller confronted father - Jesse talks about how his life and work have developed. I encourage you to love, and love your enemy. Caller asks how you know you’ve forgiven. God does not remember our sins. We should forget others’ wrongs. Happy birthday to caller. Caller says she forgave her father, but did not confront him right. She is physically affected by her resentment and fear about him.

Apr 18, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Liberal language - Earthquakes - Armstrong Williams - The Fallen State: Atheist Satanist. Why do mothers stay near their adult kids? Major earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan, coming to Los Angeles? Armstrong Williams booed for saying everything not about race. Morgan Freeman hated for Facebook photo labeled “Jerusalem, Israel.” Last week: Nashville officer of the year attacked.

HOUR 2 Republican welfare - Straight Black Power - Cruz supporters - The myth of “red state” welfare: So boring to Jesse. Caller: Republican Mississippi is poor, 37% black. Straight Black Power Movement kicks out Black Lives Matter homosexual activist. Callers on Cruz supporters getting too passionate.

HOUR 3 The Irritated Genie of Soufeese - Thank God for slavery - GUEST: The Irritated Genie (WarOnTheHorizon.com) debates Jesse on the worldwide war on blacks, agrees about blacks being responsible, but says mass incarceration is continuation of slavery. Caller says Jesse should be put to death for saying “Thank God for slavery,” and The Irritated Genie defends the statement.

Apr 15, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Walter Williams - anti-history - white guilt - anger - GUEST: Professor Walter E. Williams (WalterEWilliams.com) of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, on WND article: “Erasing History 1 Name at a Time.” Lack of white guilt allowed Prof. Williams a good education, unlike today. THEN: Anger that is hurting the blacks. Caller on murderer and Christian attempted murderer in jail. Jesse on Christopher Dorner.

HOUR 2 Trump on asking for forgiveness - It is not all about race - Some say Trump is not a Christian. Frank Luntz asked if Trump ever asked God for forgiveness. He said no, he tries to do right. Bible says to stop sinning. Callers: Does that mean you don’t need God? Armstrong Williams said everything is not about race. Why report mostly black-on-white crime? Ask what you can do for the country. Attend BOND Sunday Service.

HOUR 3 Race hustler Hillary - Asking for forgiveness - Forgiving - Hillary & liberals taking all responsibility from blacks. Caller: Trump is absolutely not a Christian. YouTube comment: When you receive Jesus, you are no longer a sinner. Caller thanks for birthday wishes. Caller apologized to son for accusing him. The Lord’s prayer says, “Forgive us as we forgive others.” Once you are born again, you live in a state of forgiveness.

Apr 14, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Cop shot - Kobe wins - Tongues - Punishment - Houston deputy constable shot 6 times. Kobe wins last NBA game. Hillary a race hustler. Caller: Tongues help me know evolution is a lie and predict storms. Story: Man called Jesse on bus to go do drugs. Does God punish a man addicted to drugs who cannot help himself?

HOUR 2 Racism lie - Doug Giles - Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls - Caller calls Jesse cooning and talks systematic racism. GUEST: Doug Giles (ClashDaily.com): black raped and murdered white student. Train your daughters to fight. Book: “Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls.” THEN: callers: Does God punish you for doing what you don’t want to do? Return to the Father, forgive. Kick your grown kids out.

HOUR 3 Why Andre lost finger - Emails - Black Lives Matter - Hillary - Andre’s finger cut-off: A hard-working, slave-like person. Emails & FB comments: Thanks for honesty. Forgiving your father. Does James feel sorry for Andre? Emails: The truth about Black Lives Matter. Teaser: The Fallen State: Supporters of Trump vs Cruz. Happy B-day to listener Jay. Evil Hillary is a lying race hustler. Caller on conversation with a black neighbor.

Apr 13, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 The Attack on Trump - Nashville black crime - Callers - Rich people target delegates to stop Trump. Feminist group UltraViolet attacks Amazon CEO for selling Trump stuff. Caller Jarvis reports on gentrification but horrible crime moving into Nashville, attacking police. Caller Tony on Trump’s decency vs liberals denigrating his reputation. Caller Betsie on Moses losing temper hurting him: Trump is in control of his emotions.

HOUR 2 Ashley Tose - I Hate White America - Burn the Constitution - GUEST: Ashley Tose returns, author of “I Hate White America,” blames Hollywood & banks for crime, violence, and sexual immorality. “Poverty causes crime.” BURN the Constitution. Obama succeeded exposing racism. Caller mentions Jesse’s book SCAM, says Jesse and Trump are free and true. Caller: Chicago police killed 16-y-o who pointed gun at them.

HOUR 3 Trump on blacks - Callers on crime - evil - Atheist on self-pity - Trump wants AMERICAN “Dreamers,” blacks unemployed under Obama. Callers: Don’t unite with evil. Blacks Periscoping crimes & misbehavior. To Ashley Tose (2nd hour guest): Don’t judge by feelings; read The Antidote and Constitution. On poverty and theft. Claim: Whites, Republican states on welfare. Atheist Stephen Fry to victims: Self-pity is ugly. Grow up.

Apr 12, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Race relations worry rising - Student cries about pro-Trump racism - 35 percent of Americans worried about race relations, when “racism” does not exist. Caller on the truth about Jackie Robinson. Black female SIU student made video complaining about Trump supporters promoting “racism.”

HOUR 2 On Anderson Cooper - Trevor Loudon debates Cruz vs Trump - Hollywood Updates: Anderson Cooper and wild mother Gloria Vanderbilt wrote a book. Girl commits suicide to Ed Sheeran's song “Small Bump” after abortion. GUEST: Trevor Loudon (TrevorLoudon.com) returns on #NeverTrump, saying RINOs support Cruz because they care about the country, saying only Cruz can beat Hillary. “The Enemies Within” movie.

HOUR 3 Cruz vs Trump chances - Students for Trump disrupted - Callers debate Cruz vs Trump. Oregon Trump supporter on same-sex marriage, Bernie-supporter daughter. Angry, hateful students crash “Students for Trump” meeting at Portland State University. Southern Illinois University chancellor looking into “racism” claims of black female student (from first hour). Sarah Miller review of The Antidote.

Apr 11, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Drama-filled elections with Trump - Impact of Andre losing finger - The interesting, drama-filled presidential race: People losing friends. I am not attached emotionally to Trump. Andre is back: He cut off his finger and has ghost pain. Now it's awkward for the office to look at Andre. Colorado GOP cancels voting for the presidential candidates, gives all 34 delegates to Cruz. Michelle Obama & Beyonce compared to Melania Trump.

HOUR 2 Everybody hates Trump strength - State trooper preaching on the job - Psychologist’s advice for Andre on “ghost pain.” Liberal Boston Globe: “The GOP must stop Trump.” People hate Trump but America needs strength, no more weakness. Indiana State Trooper preaches at traffic stop, gets sued for it twice. Caller says we should preach on the job and calls Jesse a hypocrite for not supporting that.

HOUR 3 Imposing Christians - Mississippi attacked over right to discriminate - Another caller on Christians imposing on others on the job. Caller respects Andre for coming back to work Monday after cutting his finger off Friday. Mississippi attacked for religious freedom bill. Jesse disagreed with Civil Rights sit-ins: Do not impose on those who don’t want to serve you. Caller on Trump neutrality on Israel, meeting with CFR president.

Apr 08, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 LA police chase - Voting for RINOs - Debating Trump anger - Black burglars lead cops on Los Angeles car chase; police have no authority. Caller Realist defends voting Republican and Cruz even though Trump is manlier. “God can use anyone” the excuse weak men used to let women lead. Caller Jason asks Jesse how he can support “angry” Trump. Caller Christian says Jason is angry and obsessed with proving anger is good.

HOUR 2 Clinton vs black crime - Justifying anger - Shallow Christians - Bill Clinton says Black Lives Matter defends violent drug criminals. Caller Christian and Jason talk more about Jason’s obsession justifying anger. Callers praying for Andre and talking about miracles of limbs growing. Caller Larry says he pretended to forgive his mother to appease Jesse.

HOUR 3 Andre lost a finger - Republican schemes - Waking up blacks - Andre on phone talks about cutting his finger off. Anti-religion caller Gary stuck on fact blacks have brown skin. Caller Martin credits Jesse for finally seeing schemes of phony Republicans. Caller Wesley offers real history on slavery, but blacks must examine their hearts. Government liberals want to punish oil companies for questioning global warming.

Apr 07, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Tired racism accusations - Woman cusses at Rick Scott - RINOs don’t fight Obama. New Yorkers don’t like Cruz. Tavis Smiley and tired “racist” accusations of Trump, Gap. Evil Hillary’s “equal pay” lie on women’s soccer team. The Fallen State: progressive Muslim woman. Liberal woman cusses at FL Gov Rick Scott. AL Gov Robert Bentley (R) Kasich supporter may be impeached. Liberals don’t campaign on values.

HOUR 2 Illegal kills fireman - Girls kill woman - Why vote for weak Cruz - Stories of Jesse being accosted in public. Illegal alien drunk driver kills fireman and two kids. British girls, 13 & 14, batter 39-y-o woman to death. Trump supporter to debate Andrew Klavan on The Fallen State. Caller on psychopath girls and Gov. Bentley impeached for hitting on a woman. Trump supporter would still vote for weak Cruz.

HOUR 3 Trump or not voting - Anger not of God - Memphis black crime - Cruz and RINOs won’t close borders or protect us, only Trump. Black-Latino caller defends reporter Wendy Bell posting about blacks on her FB page. Caller asks about God’s anger, then accuses Jesse of believing what Muslims do of Jesus. Caller on Memphis and Nashville crime – most black girls are strippers. Caller asks draw of Trump, claims he’s lying.

Apr 06, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 What are delegates - Powerless human nature - Nicknames - James tries to explain “delegates” to Jesse. “Super Delegates”: Whites give you something to reach for. In life, we do what we don’t want to do and can’t help it. Caller has applied to be a delegate — says you don’t have to pay in his states. Caller explains why she likes shortened nicknames.

HOUR 2 RINOs support Cruz - Some hate Cruz - Is anger the sin - Cruz brags about RINO politicians supporting him. James and Andre don’t like Cruz. Caller questions that anger is the only sin that prevents you from entering the Kingdom of God. Caller says Trump is a liar, and Cruz is not. Jesse points out one Cruz lie.

HOUR 3 Emotional Cruz and Trump supporters - Memphis and illegal violence - Caller accuses Jesse of being a paid Trump supporter. Memphis black-on-black crime. How Christians live deluded in anger. Trump on Mexicans sending money home. Illegals raping, killing, and drunk driving. Caller turned off Glenn Beck because he trashes Trump. Jesse says don’t take it personally. Memphis violence: spiritual or family problem?

Apr 05, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - The Greatness of America - Socialism - GUEST: Bill Lockwood (AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com) Not for Republican shenanigans. How Obama ignores the Constitution, redistributing wealth, putting blacks who hate whites in white communities. Socialism started over 100 years ago with Woodrow Wilson’s income tax. Abortion should be illegal & women punished, appreciates Trump.

HOUR 2 Barbra Streisand stepdad - Bieber Dreadlocks - Nasty Hillary - Hollywood Updates: Biography: Barbra Streisand craved love of father. Bieber “appropriates” dreads. WND comment: Did Adam have the “preponderance” of blame more than Eve? Jesse preaches about anger. Nasty Hillary Clinton gets impatient with Greenpeace activist and cries “lying.” Black Tampa mother reportedly hires stripper for 8-y-o birthday.

HOUR 3 Hillary black mothers ad - Cruz on Kimmel - Forgiving father - Hillary Clinton made a campaign / gun control / racism ad showcasing black mothers of Trayvon Martin, et al. Shame on them for lying and blaming others. Ted Cruz appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on why he’s disliked and Obamacare disaster. He mentioned Trump. Wisconsin primary today. Black “victims’ families” got money. Woman caller didn’t go to father.

Apr 04, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump Was Right About Punishing Women for Abortion - Read Jesse’s WND article “Not All Women Are Victims.” Ted Cruz said no pro-life people agree women should be punished for illegal abortions. NOT TRUE. Trump switched under pressure. Jesse debates black male caller on “hating women” and abortions.

HOUR 2 Jesse runs for exercise - Punishment for abortions - Jesse wants to run every week. We’ll see. Did God call for abortions in the Old Testament? Women should be punished for abortions. Cruz disagrees. Trump changes mind under pressure. James says not to land on your heels running. How women are punished for abortions. Supposedly Cruz avoids issues like Black Lives Matter, feminism.

HOUR 3 SNL hits Trump - Indirect Cruz - Black cop killer - Mexicans - Unions - SNL spoofs CNN interview with female Tea Party Trump supporter. Sunday services live on Periscope Sunday 11a PT. Cruz avoids divisive issues (racism, sexism lies) because he’s a coward. Cop killed by black cop-hater: media ignores. Mexicans taking California back w/ out-of-wedlock births. Chicago teacher union strike. Kasich’s pizza fork.

Apr 01, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 7-year-olds attack Philly train riders - Trump waffled on punishing abortion - We must rebuild men to take control of families and children. Philadelphia first-graders punch, spit, cuss, and yell N-words at subway riders; family blames man taking video. Once we can trust each other, then we can trust govt. Caller “disappointed” in Trump for walking back punishment for women for abortions, saying woman is the “victim.”

HOUR 2 Punished for telling truth - The trap of intellect - Six Pittsburgh blacks were ambushed. No arrests. Reporter Wendy Bell fired by WTAE for Facebook post about blacks. How did whites become such cowards? Caller comments on Theodore Shoebat. Trump would let in some rich Muslims. Hearts must change about abortion. Caller says Cruz a coward for letting Carly speak for him.

HOUR 3 Cultural appropriation - No one likes blacks - Attached to Cruz - Black female bullies white male student in San Francisco for dreadlocks. CA-run retirement plan introduced by lying Kevin de Leon. Cruz-supporting caller Paul attacks Jesse for misleading people on “unelectable” Trump. Too emotionally involved in candidates? Caller on bad blacks, Obama releasing criminals. Belgium Muslims celebrated Brussels attack.

Mar 31, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Roger Stone on Trump - Callers talk Trump Cruz and Heaven - GUEST: Roger Stone, veteran political operative and author, talks about Trump as a man: Religious church attender, job creator, close with his children, guided by God in his campaign to save the country. THEN: Trump supporter talks Trump, Cruz, and Carly. Caller discusses heaven, liking Trump and Cruz, recognizing Christians (not Obama).

HOUR 2 Trump on punishing abortion - Turkey and Kosher - On the Jews - Jesse heard turkey causes gout. Trump answers Chris Matthews on punishment for abortion. Jesse and Andre talk turkey bacon and gout. Jewish caller on eating pork and God’s kosher rules, cooking food, and eating healthily. Why do Jews make so much money? There are three different types of Jews. Do Jews control the media and everything?

HOUR 3 Gov Nathan Deal - Complaining caller - Carly saves Cruz - WND’s Jane Chastain: GA Gov. Deal a coward. NC (Correction: not SC) says no to LGBT in wrong bathroom. The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren asks, Where are the men? 58-y-o black man claims Jews have monopoly on media, asks Jesse for help. Complainers are losers and not men. Ted Cruz lets Carly speak for him, looks weak. Sinners accusing Cruz.

Mar 30, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump defends aide - Chance to repent - Hillary voters stumped - Trump displays attitude from the good old days. Trump handles questions on his aide grabbing reporter. Turn men back to God who allows us to repent: Honor to be a Christian. Man takes selfie with hijacker. “These Voters Are Scary! Hillary and Bernie Voters Don’t Know Much.” Baltimore: HUD moves ghettoes to suburbs. Caller on media portrayal of Trump.

HOUR 2 Callers debate Cruz trustworthiness - Caller thinks Trump is stupid - Caller Mona Lisa says husband can’t name Hillary accomplishment; does not trust Ted Cruz. Caller Paul says Trump is stupid, claims Trump is a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Democrat who changes his mind, and thinks Cruz is a consistent conservative who won “9” Supreme Court cases. Caller Guy thinks Cruz and Kasich could beat Hillary.

HOUR 3 Debate with Black Jew - Mother keeps grown son home 60 years - GUEST: Retired military Chaplain Madison Downs says it’s good to relocate ghetto people to suburbs if programs follow; suggests black immorality came from white America. Callers talk crime and schools. THEN: Jesse talks about longtime friend who never left home, whose mother manipulated him and stole his money. Readers’ emails & FB messages.

Mar 29, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Patrick Rooney criticizes dishonest Cruz - Explains attack on Trump - On Twitter @RealPatrickR – Smartest White Man says media has increased attack on Trump after Enquirer story implying Cruz sex scandal. Cruz attacked Trump for Chicago agitators, Brussels terror attack. Is Cruz wrong for fighting? Is Cruz angry? Is Cruz honest?

HOUR 2 Support BOND - Miley hates Trump - GA vetoes decency - Cruz is weak - Decent “angry” people support Trump. Caller offers $500 matching donation to BOND for new donors. HOLLYWOOD UPDATES: Miley Cyrus loves animals, not Trump. Dad Billy Ray is immature. Georgia Republican governor Nathan Deal vetoes righteousness for gay-friendly business. Weak Ted Cruz says real men don’t “bully” women.

HOUR 3 Troy Morton returns - Wife and mother reacted - Sorry for hating - Writer of the letter to “President Trump” on Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ Blog: Follow-up interview: Is not straight-up with wife to avoid conflict. Silent treatment to mother who betrayed him. Assumes mother loves him. Did not realize he hated her. Troy on The Antidote: Not a “self-help book.” Impressive research. Jesse has wisdom.

Mar 28, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Killing Jesus - Muslims kill Christians - Easter holiday - Jesse recommends Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Jesus.” Suicide bomb on Easter at a park in Pakistan: Taliban (and ISIS) terrorists target Christians. James goes to Vegas for Easter; Andre goes to church. ISIS crucified Catholic priest on Good Friday.

HOUR 2 James Lancia on the shooting of LaVoy Finicum - Downtown White Police author says Oregon State Police and FBI used an unusually heavy hand with Bundy militia in the Oregon standoff, culminating in the death of LaVoy Finicum who had not committed a violent felony. Media takes the side of the federal government. Cop calls to say government is contracting private armed companies.

HOUR 3 Theodore Shoebat - Terror - Weak Christians - Jesus God - Shoebat.com and RescueChristians.org – son of Walid Shoebat converted from evangelical to Catholic and says churches are feminized and into marriage rather than fighting evil. Evil is using women to destroy the family, including women voting. Ted says the order of God is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Islam is a religion of antichrists. Jesse knows that Christ is the Son of God, but does not believe he is “God the Son.”

Mar 25, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Women vs Trump - Elizabeth Warren - Showering frequency - Tongues - O’Reilly’s “Killing Jesus.” What is Good Friday? Trump retweets picture of Cruz’s wife next to Trump’s. Liberal woman Elizabeth Warren calls Trump a “loser.” Trump: “You mean the Indian?” Country is divided while debt increases. White British man showers once a week: Health benefits. Caller on speaking in tongues.

HOUR 2 Good Friday - Killing Jesus - Speaking in tongues - Forgiveness - Why it’s Good Friday: Returning to God. O’Reilly’s “Killing Jesus”: Jesus & John the Baptist cousins. Caller “speaks in tongues” “whenever he wants.” Parents making kids “speak in tongues.” Did forgiveness exist before Jesus? Catholics don’t read the Bible. Caller prayed for Jesse’s success in Madera County.

HOUR 3 Speaking in tongues - Fundraising for BOND - Taken with Cruz - Speaking in tongues: Does God give his spirit to angry people? Caller from Russia and family loves Jesse. Fundraising for BOND with Patrick Rooney. Caller didn’t know Jesus was close to Joseph. Caller was right about Cruz. Caller says you can’t hate the sin either. Callers on speaking in tongues. Happy Easter.

Mar 24, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Farhana Qazi - Islam and terror - Mark Christian responds - FarhanaQazi.com Counterterrorism expert & liberal woman: most Muslim Americans are peaceful and decry terrorism, but too big a percentage are radical or protect extremists. THEN: GlobalFaithInstitute.org Dr. Mark Christian says Muslims live under weight of sin and spill their own blood to redeem themselves.

HOUR 2 Bucky Fox - Trump Train - Emails - Letter from Prison - BuckyFox.com Investors Business Daily writer who loves Jesse: Article: “Donald Trump is a Stand-up Guy on the Stump, and Throngs Love It.” THEN: Did Christ save us from physical death too? The Fallen State preview. Letter to Jesse from Valley State Prison inmate.

HOUR 3 Cheryl Chumley - Devil in DC - Prison letter - Key virtue - CherylChumley.blogspot.com WND author says Americans must repent and turn to God. Education is lacking. The Fed is corrupt. Wake up your family. Trump and Cruz success good news. THEN: Letter from a prison inmate. Biblical question: What is the most necessary virtue? Bible Go-to Guy: Wisdom. Jesse: Faith.

Mar 23, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Obama lacks urgency - Blind Hillary supporters - Anti-Trump fascists - God’s natural order for men. Obama lacks urgency in terror attacks. People are blind enough to vote for Hillary. Trump vs. Cruz tweets attack wives. Caller on waiting, not judging; Utah vs. Arizona. Fascists against Trump. Woman constantly harassed after “Latinos Support D. Trump” sign.

HOUR 2 Trying to become a Christian - Who is God - Satan is anger - Is James a Christian? James and callers on becoming a Christian multiple times. Who is God? Callers say God is the maker and all-powerful. God is love. Satan is anger and hate.

HOUR 3 Anger delusion - Attacking Trump for Brussels - Fatherless crisis - WND comments: How anger deludes your thinking. Obama and Hillary lame responses to Brussels attack. Dr. Michael Brown article on the fatherless “hood” where it’s normal to steal.

Mar 22, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Brussels terror attacks - Black cop on Trump - Death toll over 30 at Brussels airport and metro subway. We are the big Satan to Muslims. Trump and others attacked for wanting to protect us from Muslim terrorists. Black cop attended Tucson Trump rally and sees evil Black Lives Matter agitators.

HOUR 2 Hollywood updates - Terror - Todd Palin - Trump job interview - Ariel Winter of “Modern Family” split from “abusive” mother. Terrorists strike fear into you to control you. Sarah Palin’s husband Todd hurt in snow machine accident. Obama’s pathetic response to Brussels attack. Trump’s impromptu job interview. Parents subdue brightness and innocence of children.

HOUR 3 RINOs and Conservatives Attack Trump - Lady on forgiving father - Sitting up straight. Brussels attack: At least 34 dead at airport and subway. Coward RINO loser Mitt Romney says to vote for Cruz to undermine Trump. Glenn Beck says southern evangelical Trump voters are not following their God. Caller asks about going to her father to forgive him.

Mar 21, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Evil Republicans - Sheriff Joe v Sanders - Trump chugs along - Jesse’s back from amazing Fresno (specifically Madera) trip, kids suffering. Trump unstoppable but the evil RINOs try to stop him. Sheriff Joe Arpaio upstages Bernie Sanders’s wife in tent cities. Anti-Trump disrupters stop traffic in Arizona. Caller on The Antidote.

HOUR 2 Speaking in Madera - Gays burned by hater - Right to discriminate - Supervisor Rick Farinelli takes Jesse to Madera County juvenile hall, prison, jail, and church. Mother’s boyfriend pours scalding water on gay son and partner. Businesses oppose religious freedom: NFL, Google, Porsche, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines. Caller believes in discriminating against religion, not gays.

HOUR 3 Speaking to the lost in Madera County - Supervisor Rick Farinelli had Jesse speak to leaders, inmates (including murderers) and churchgoers, about parents, anger, and forgiveness. The Fallen State sneak peak. Caller on Fresno life. Miami homeowner woman shoots and kills black 17-y-o burglar, whose cousin said he needed money for school clothes.

Mar 16, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Anger stifles freedom - Word from God - Stealing from North Korea - Anger makes blacks want to kill blacks who call themselves Americans. Super Tuesday 3: Trump & Hillary win. Rubio shows you can succeed in America. Bible the word “from” or “of” God; Jesus “God” or the “Son.” Obama nominating Supreme Court nominee. US student tried to steal flag from North Korea.

HOUR 2 Trump not racist - Obama Supreme Court - Black Lives Matter KKK - GUEST: Beate Chelette beatechelette.com author of “Happy Woman, Happy World,” argues that Trump appeals to anger of the people, but is “racist.” – THEN: Caller refutes evolutionary theory. Any Obama Supreme Court nominee is a “No!” Caller debates Black Lives Matter are worse than the KKK today.

HOUR 3 Trump no Democrat - Emotionally involved with candidates and issues - Caller accuses Trump of being a Democrat and stifling free speech, and Jesse of falling for it. Callers say Glenn Beck hates Trump. People get emotionally attached to candidates like Cruz or Trump, issues like abortion or same-sex marriage. Facebook comments on Trump and protestors.

Mar 15, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Whites should correct blacks - Mother love kills - Cell phone radiation and holsters. If whites don’t correct blacks, they’ll become like them. Callers debate emphasis of black wrongdoing. Trump started a revival; Pharisee RINOs hate him. Madonna’s strange mother’s “love” for her son.

HOUR 2 William J Murray - Utopian Road to Hell - Kesha father - William J. Murray, founder Religious Freedom Coalition, WND book “Utopian Road to Hell” Denmark not socialist. Pilgrims’ biblical utopia. Atheist Marxist mother. Christians in Middle East: ChristmasForRefugees.org – THEN: Wild singer Kesha rejects father. Caller on Trump; Neely Fuller, Jr.

HOUR 3 Wendy Williams hurts son - Trump unifier - Hillary and communism - Wendy Williams shamelessly traumatized son with husband. WND comments: Only Trump Can Unify America. Caller: Hillary tied to communist, anti-US woman. Trump’s life is in danger: Media setting up public for murder of modern-day “Hitler.” Angry caller’s weird ideas on race. Socialism vs Communism.

Mar 14, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 We have two intellects - Mitt for Trump - One opinion allowed - Jesse saw O’Reilly & Miller—funny. Two intellects exposed in The Fallen State. Jesse’s theory: Mitt wants to help Trump by opposing him. Terror attack on Ivory Coast killing Christians. Black Lives Matter and anti-Trump protestors are used to getting their way with mess, but that’s ending with Trump presidency.

HOUR 2 Daylight savings - Dogs in cafes - Describing anti-Trump rallies - Springing forward, getting sleep, and body clocks. Comfort pets on planes and cafes. St. Louis anti-Trump protestor’s report. Jesse responds to cop watcher’s self-important email. Caller accuses “Underground Church” as Christian al Qaeda. Caller describes Chicago anti-Trump protest and plugs The Antidote.

HOUR 3 Anti-Trump protestor debates Jesse on racism - GUEST: Lara Jennings, organizer of an anti-Trump sit-in in St. Louis, MO, says Trump promotes hate and division, pitting groups against each other. Jesse says Trump wants to protect Americans from Muslim terrorists, Mexican illegal aliens, and hate group Black Lives Matter.

Mar 11, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Rubio defeated - Lying black pastor - Evolution and creation - Online polls say Trump won 12th debate. Marco Rubio looks deflated. The Fallen State black pastor accidentally said white neighborhoods are nice. The lie of Evolutionary Theory. Corrupt Republicans and Democrats meet on private island try to stop Trump.

HOUR 2 Trump butler interview - Anger - Cruz supporter bashes Trump - CNN’s Carol Costello interviews Trump’s former butler, a man of few words who appreciates Donald and doesn’t care for Rubio. Caller says progressives are enemies of America. Caller on how anger affects you. Caller supports Cruz and calls Trump a liar.

HOUR 3 Mexicans stealing - White insanity - Black family - Trump appeal - Mexican workers stealing from employers and customers. The Bible and the truth. Insanity of liberal “independent” women endangering themselves. Last night Jesse spoke to white attendee on Kendrick Lamar, mass incarceration, family. Explaining Christian support of Trump. Caller asks about “definition” of anger.

Mar 10, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Private island anti-Trump meeting - Playing gotcha with Jesse - Republicans & Dems meet on private island where Karl Rove tells how to stop Trump. Trump’s vagueness makes people nervous. Delegates only bound to vote for assigned candidate first round. Angry black caller obsesses over “inconsistencies,” instead of seeing deeper things.

HOUR 2 Evil Loretta Lynch - Why vote Trump - Sinning Christians - Loretta Lynch and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on suing climate change deniers. Caller concerned about who to vote for: Trump or Cruz. Trump tries not to make mistakes so he does not have to ask for forgiveness. Christians are saved from sin; how can they go on sinning?

HOUR 3 Going online to meet people - What sin and salvation are - Trusting whites on CraigsList: Woman still in coma weeks after black roommate’s attack. Caller: What is sin? Jesse and caller discuss judgment and wrongdoing.

Mar 09, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Kevin Chavous - Black Dems - School Choice - Trump dominates - GUEST: Kevin Chavous, Democrat former DC city councilman and now spokesman for American Federation for Children on school choice and elections. Donald Trump dominated the elections last night.

HOUR 2 Lying Bernie - Truth from Trump - Mental illness spreading - Trump won last night. Trayvon’s mom bashes Bernie for suggesting only blacks know ghettoes. Caller explains Trump’s appeal: Confidence. Carly endorses Cruz, but Carson Trump. Idaho pastor’s mentally ill shooter apprehended outside White House. Commies vs Trump supporters in Michigan.

HOUR 3 Troy Morton - Fear - Manhood - Family - Troy Morton, writer of the letter to “President Trump” from “Just a simple man” (shared on Scott Adams’ blog): Man grew up without his father, abused by talented mother, lived a life ruled by fear. Troy discusses life as a father, husband, and man. His wife is not a fan of Trump.

Mar 08, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump vs Cruz - Pastor shot - Gay adoption - IRS and CPAs - Rubio’s political career seems done. Cruz and Trump want to go head-to-head. Watch and learn from Trump. Pastor who prayed at Ted Cruz rally gets shot. Supreme Court forces Alabama to recognize same-sex adoption. Cruz abolishing IRS for flat tax may leave CPAs without work.

HOUR 2 Hollywood Updates - Fuller House - Flat tax - Pro-gay Trump - Hollywood Updates: Kelly reports on “Fuller House” on Netflix. Caller warns parents about “Fuller House,” says his 11yo son loves Jesse Lee Peterson show. Caller says there’s a shortage of accountants—they’d be fine if we got rid of IRS and established flat tax. James explains Trump’s sketchy pro-gay positions.

HOUR 3 Men hate women - Terry Crews - Pornography - Awakened by God - Actor Terry Crews opens up about pornography problem. All men into sex hate women. Talking doesn’t solve it. You need God to awaken you, or you will continue to do crazy things. Caller argues that it’s perspective and positivity. But all who are separated from God are blind and insane to a degree.

Mar 07, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Jesse on life - Watch and learn from Trump - Caller on blacks - Take a break from things you love. Jesse spoke in Spokane: thanks to Bill Perkins Compass.org - Rubio, such a RINO, won Puerto Rico. Nancy Reagan died—Jesse respected Ronald. Scott Adams predicts Trump landslide: Watch and learn from Trump. Cruz supporter says Hillary would beat Cruz. Blacks so blind.

HOUR 2 Story of an honest woman - Being born again - Callers - Jesse’s son saw The Fallen State. Story of lady from Spokane conference. Be born again of God and learn love: Trump on asking for forgiveness. Why forgive? Callers on Jesse’s insights.

HOUR 3 Judging Trump - Spiritual understanding - Nancy Reagan - Dem Debate - Email reaction to WND article: “God’s fearless spirit in Trump revives men.” Readers judge Trump, but some get it and appreciate Jesse’s spiritual help for all people. Fox News Tribute to Nancy Reagan. Dem Debate: Bernie gets feisty too late. Bernie and Hillary keep blacks in delusion of “racism” victimhood.

Mar 04, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Unchristian Romney betrays Trump - Caller on Jesse book SCAM - Drudge and TIME polls: Trump wins GOP debate. Mitt Romney wickedly attacks and lies about Trump. Trump hits back. Caller comments on Jesse’s prior book SCAM, asks about AIDS conspiracy theory. Caller believes criminal justice system is “racist,” mentions Clinton putting blacks in prison more for drug crimes.

HOUR 2 Trump on terrorism - Criminal justice system - Letter to Trump - Trump answers concerns about torture and killing terrorists’ families. Crack epidemic was violent and blacks could not afford good lawyers. Low self-esteem comes from disconnection from God. Andre’s baby. Caller on letter to Trump as a fearless father. He believes Christianity is man-made.

HOUR 3 Callers - Angry caller - Patrick Rooney on debates - Cruz vs Trump - Caller on fornicating Christian guest yesterday. Cornell West says Obama a symbol for blacks. Jesse tells angry caller to stop calling. Callers still like Cruz. Patrick Rooney: Why Kasich loses. Last two GOP losers attack winning Trump. Ted Cruz’s answer on Snowden. Caller concerned about Trump’s real stance.

Mar 03, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Andre Mulligan - racism - black crime - Christianity - In-studio: Hollywood comedian from Louisville, KY, on growing up without his father, telling his story of mistreatment by a cop, whether blacks should obey police, whether blacks are immoral and more violent than whites, how he got shot and almost killed by a Mexican, and being a Christian who sins.

HOUR 2 Insecure loud black people - Letter to Trump - A black college choir sang a gospel song on an airplane as a flight was preparing to land. Jesse, Andre, and James discuss how annoying and insecure blacks are. Black callers have no problem with it. James reads a letter to Donald Trump “from a simple man” about manhood, fear, fathers, and fighting to win.

HOUR 3 Dr Singh - Clearing anger - anxiety - depression - In-studio: Dr. Dharam Singh Deutsch of CenterForEnergyMedicine.org talks about clearing anger, anxiety and depression from the body, not feeding bodily fire with sugar, dairy, alcohol, spicy food, etc. The tongue shows evidence of anger, anxiety, or depression. You reap what you sow: Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are key.

Mar 02, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 RINOs are evil and controlling like a bad ex-girlfriend - Super Tuesday: Trump wins 7 states, Cruz 3, Rubio 1. The blind support Hillary. RINOs force themselves on us. No one is Reagan. Trump on IRS targeting Christians and Romney. Caller was kind to Cruz supporter. Rubio making a fool of himself. Caller: Trump exposing phoniness. Transgenders in school bathrooms.

HOUR 2 Trevor Loudon - then Patrick Rooney - on Trump vs Cruz - TrevorLoudon.com longtime conservative writer and author from New Zealand pushes for Cruz and #NeverTrump. Is Cruz a liar? Only Trump can beat Hillary and overcome liberal media. THEN: Patrick Rooney was once for Cruz but now for Trump; Cruz wants presidency too much, is dishonest and not natural-born.

HOUR 3 Anger makes a fool of you - Black mass murderers - callers on Trump - Elections: Trump dominates over Cruz and especially over Rubio. Anger blinds you and makes you do and say crazy, stupid things like recent guest Rev. JM Senin, missionary in Kenya. Black mass shooters in Kansas and Virginia: Anger and spiritual battle. Callers on the elections. Did Jesus go to Japan and America?

Mar 01, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump vs Rubio - Clay Higgins a real man - Angry insecure people - Rubio trying to be Trump, but Trump is winning. Captain Clay Higgins, police officer in Louisiana, cracked down on crime in tough CrimeStoppers videos. He resigns after his sheriff apparently caved to ACLU and black “racism” pushers. All angry people are insecure.

HOUR 2 Chris Rock racism - Oscars Girl Scouts - Racism is fake - Hollywood updates: Chris Rock pushed “racism” lie at Oscars. Caller: pro-abortion, pro-gay Girl Scouts pushed at Oscars. Racism is not real. Black female college students in Albany assault white young men but lie and cry a “racist” attack. Caller learned about herself and anger.

HOUR 3 Maria Dixon Hall on racism - children - anger-driven ambition - Rev. Dr. Maria Dixon Hall of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, on Patheos blog: “A Half Century of Being Black in America: A letter to my children.” She adopted 3 foster kids, and her white husband warned them not all whites will treat them fairly. They debate black immorality and victimhood.

February 29, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump racks endorsements - Anger driving people irrational - The Fallen State of a black pastor. Rubio another Obama: Fake. Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie, real men endorse Trump. Melissa Harris-Perry parts from MSNBC. Angry missionary turned on Jesse. Caller on Trump & David Duke. Angry caller says BOND failed blacks. Bible Go-to Guy on God’s prophets.

HOUR 2 Why TRUMP - Bible and blindness - Chris Rock at Oscars - Fathers - James in the tank for Trump. Callers Maze vs Bible Go-to Guy. Black pastor on The Fallen State didn’t answer questions. “Coon” word. WND comments: Donald Trump is not an angry man. Chris Rock at the Oscars. Al Sharpton desperate. Caller on the Bible. Caller questions Jesse on returning to fathers.

HOUR 3 Caller resists returning to father - Questions about Bible Go-to Guy - Racism is an illusion: It’s a spiritual battle. Caller says he became a man without returning to absent father. Jesse urges him to tell his father he loves him. Donate to rebuildingtheman.com Virginia: female cop killed first day on job (black-on-white killing). Curious caller asks about Bible Go-to Guy. He talks about parents.

February 26, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 No racism or police brutality - Evil Farrakhan and Black Panthers - Waves of Gray’s AC in-studio. Black caller claims racism holds blacks back. Jesse says if you have cultural pride, you’re not of God, but caller disagrees—he defends Louis Farrakhan and the Black Panthers as being against police brutality.

HOUR 2 Drawbacks of Cruz - Morality taught by parents or given by God - Jesse debates AC about Cruz sketchy past on “North American Community,” H-1B visas, Syrian refugees. Jesse says people get morality from God; parents should not teach values. Caller and AC talk believe morality means not hurting people, so lusting is okay. Love those who hate you. AC has never shown anger.

HOUR 3 Criticisms of Cruz and why Trump wins - Angry callers hate Christians - Black mass shooter in Kansas and in The Antidote. AC on Apple vs. the government. Obama Supreme Court would-be nomination. Caller: Cruz is a calculating politician; I pick Trump. Angry caller hates Jesse and Bible Go-to Guy. Another angry black caller hates Christians. Jamie from Waves of Gray calls in.

February 25, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Rev JM Senin - Anger - Love - Manhood - American missionary to Kenya talks about anger in his family. Jesse says that as a man with anger, he has no love. Jesse says that he is not manly, due to a false spirit from his mother that entered him through anger. He says he is strong because he went to Kenya and brings people to Christ.

HOUR 2 JM Senin continues - Anger - The Fallen State and Black Lives Matter - Jesse asks JM if he is the head of his wife. JM asks about Moses and other men of God who were angry in the Bible; even their anger was not of God. Caller and Andre tell JM he lacks authority. JM tells them they should see Africa. Facebook comments on The Fallen State with Black Lives Matter, Jesse’s father’s death.

HOUR 3 Anger vs God - BOND fundraising - Caller says Jesse makes unbiblical claims about anger, that we should “be angry but sin not.” Andre says the Ephesians verse references the Psalms which say “stand in awe,” or “tremble,” and sin not. Patrick Rooney calls in to ask for support for BOND. Callers points out that a spiritually blind man is criticizing Jesse.

February 24, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump whups RINOs - Democrat pandering - Apple vs govt - Trump dominates Nevada Caucus. Democrats Bernie and Hillary pander to “minorities” in SC town hall. Bill Lockwood and callers on Apple not opening phones for government. RINOs making show of refusing any Obama-nominated Supreme Court justice.

HOUR 2 White death rates - Jessica Chambers - Apple vs govt - Trump wall - White uneducated death rates sharply rising: Whites & country under attack and cowardly. Quinton Tellis indicted in burning death of Jessica Chambers. Government not protecting the people, exploiting fear. Caller doesn’t like Trump, nor trust border wall plan.

HOUR 3 Hebrew Chaplain Madison Downs on black pride - Caller on whites and blacks. Jewish black retired military Chaplain Madison Downs discusses religion, debate loving God and what’s right vs. black pride and identity, and talk about the morality of 72% out-of-wedlock birth rates in black community, and judgment.

February 23, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - Marxist Pope - Ted Cruz vs Trump - Pope Francis rejects capitalism. Roman Catholic doctrine puts the pope and The Vatican in a false place of authority and contradicts scripture. Cruz and Sessions expose Rubio on immigration. Is Cruz dishonest? Should Christians vote for Trump? Last-minute spiritual questions. AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com

HOUR 2 Kanye vs T Swift - Farrakhan Promotes Beyonce for Hating Cops - Kelly back with Hollywood updates: Kanye West melts down in ego trip and slanders Taylor Swift. Miami police union boycotting Beyonce concerts. Louis Farrakhan promotes cop-hating, white-hating Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce with false black identity. Caller on knowledge without love.

HOUR 3 Evil not leaving with Obama - Caller debates black hate - Obama is setting destruction of America in place by chaos. Caller attacks Ted Nugent and Confederate flag as “racist,” claims Black Panthers helped blacks and all people, doesn’t believe in God but in himself. He believes fathers pass knowledge and mothers give love. Is rebuilding men right or wrong?

February 22, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Marine vet - bipolar disorder - drugs - suicide - Stephen from MO discusses bipolar disorder brought on severely by medication meant to help him quit smoking. He talks about lithium as an aid in balancing mental illness and manic depression. twitter.com/stick_bundle Caller says that God would make his writing career work. Uber driver kills Kalamazoo innocents.

HOUR 2 Crystal Wright - Con Job - Angry callers - Publisher of blog ConservativeBlackChick.com author of book “Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division.” Twitter: @GOPBlackChick. “Independent” black caller attacks. A grumpy caller says Bernie won’t support the Constitution and hangs up on Jesse.

HOUR 3 Anger - Jesse calls out Pope - Stubborn callers on anger - Jesse preaches on anger and seeking God. Jesse, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, & Jerry Falwell, Jr., call out Pope Francis on Donald Trump. Black conservative caller puts off black liberals because he’s angry at their mess. Black liberal caller attacks conservative black regular callers.

February 19, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Cruz vs Trump women - Beyonce bad example - Pope antichrist - Katrina Pierson vs Cruz’s female campaign manager on lies Trump supports abortion, and discussion on Planned Parenthood. Caller on having supported Cruz but moving to Trump. Black caller boycotting Beyonce and Jay Z over their bad example for their daughter Blue Ivy. Is the Pope ushering in the antichrist?

HOUR 2 Trump vs Pope - Planned Parenthood evil - Treasonous Twitter - Pope vs. Trump: Donald is more a Christian than any other politician: Protecting the poorer blacks and innocent Americans at home first. Caller on witless blacks. Planned Parenthood does some “good” in order to get away with evil. James takes call on Twitter’s liberal shenanigans, accuses them of treason allowing ISIS.

HOUR 3 Govt not protecting us - Love your enemy - Obama with BlackLivesMatter - Jesse not for government making Apple break into dead terrorist’s iPhone. Government won’t protect us. Caller about family friend, white preacher’s wife setting a Christian example. Jesse tells caller he must love those who hate him. Obama meets with black KKK: Black Lives Matter, Loretta Lynch, NAACP, etc.

February 18, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Debating hate of Black Panthers - Obama skips Scalia funeral for BLM - Facebook follower Mona Lisa thanks Jesse for his voice, but disagrees that Black Panthers were about hate. There are children of God and children of Satan. Life is spiritual, not physical. Obama skips Scalia’s funeral, to meet with Black Lives Matter at the White House. Big Reg from Las Vegas on Christianity and family.

HOUR 2 Big Reg debates Trayvon - Bad raising was a tragedy - not his death - Trayvon invited Zimmerman’s suspicion and was killed in self-defense. Trayvon’s death was not a tragedy. His bad upbringing as a kid by his bad parents was a tragedy. Jesse tells the truth. Blacks don’t because they hate whites. Big Reg married a white woman. Black people want stuff for free.

HOUR 3 The Antidote - Blacks love hate - Forgive your mother - The Fallen State - The Antidote. NFL owes KKK chance to perform. Angry voice mail—an example of insecurity and blindness. Debate on Trayvon—blacks don’t want the truth, they love hating and judging. How to go through Jesus to get to the Father. Pro-black with white women. Forgive your mother. The Fallen State teaser.

February 17, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump effect on politics - Apple privacy - Justice Scalia death - Rebuilding men—especially black men. Trump vs. Cruz: Trump doing away with pretense of politics. Apple vs. government on privacy of citizens: San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone still locked. People who call themselves Christians. Justice Scalia died: Tribute; Conspiracy theories.

HOUR 2 Scalia death - Forgiving fathers - Mothers - Trump v Cruz - Caller: Scalia and why people die away from home. Forgiving fathers who have died. Most fathers are good men but corrupted by their mothers and lost, but mothers will destroy their children before admitting wrong. Trump vs. Cruz campaign manager ladies on Planned Parenthood and abortion. Pope Francis gets mad!

HOUR 3 Angry Pope - Thoughtless haters - Chinese boys - Black unity myth - Pope gets mad and calls man in crowd selfish. Black haters are so boring. Beyonce’s evil alter-ego. Woman who was into her mother. Chinese educators work to make boys into men. Blacks don’t get along with one another. No one does.

February 16, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Xavier petitioner - Fire Jesse Lee - Oppressed blacks - Sekenus Xavier Bonaparte thinks Jesse is a mental slave, except Xavier thinks he’s oppressed by white supremacy and by Jesse. Jesse is not “African American”—he’s American. Confused caller is upset he “disowns” the “African Americans” that he tries to “speak for.”

HOUR 2 Xavier continued - Spiritual blindness - Is he lying - Blacks hate whites and value education, but are spiritually blind. Callers attack: Black brutality vs police brutality. People question Xavier’s credentials. Xavier thinks he’s going to shut down Jesse; he eventually gets mad and hangs up. Caller questions Jesse on helping blacks, but keeps speaking over him.

HOUR 3 Andre new family - Kendrick Lamar - BOND men - Engineer’s wife had a baby. Andre thanks God for Jesse and BOND. Kendrick Lamar promotes lie of black victimhood. BOND Sunday morning service returns. Caller appreciates Jesse and BOND young men.

February 15, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Clarke Gablynne - Detroit area - Black Panthers - Beyonce - Detroit-area man, CEO of “Slickk Citty Records,” asks if Jesse is saying negative things about black people for money. Man defends Black Panthers as upstanding people, whom Jesse says promote hate. Debate about hatefulness of Beyonce’s performance promoting black pride. Callers and guest duke it out.

HOUR 2 Renee Myers - Free Derrick Miller - Jesse brother funeral - Mother of U.S. Army veteran imprisoned for life for a “premeditated murder” conviction, having shot and killed a suspicious Afghan in a sensitive location screening possible terrorists. United American Patriots covering legal fees. See Facebook page “Free Derrick Miller.” Call representatives. Jesse’s brother’s funeral & family.

HOUR 3 On debates - The Antidote - Jesse trip to family - Democratic debates: Pandering to blacks and Hispanics. Bernie won’t attack Hillary but she’ll attack him—but Jesse’s black family is all for Sanders or Trump. People addressed Jesse on viral anti-Beyonce video. The Antidote shows people not to judge and hate one another. Obama WILL replace justice Scalia with a liberal.

February 11, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Star Parker against TRUMP - Desperate situation for America - Founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (UrbanCURE.org), longtime black conservative, pro-life woman, anti-welfare, restoring race relations. THEN: Jesse’s most important issues: Immigration, national security, and the economy. Blacks having abortions like coffee in the morning. Trump refreshing, Obama evil.

HOUR 2 White cop killer - Oregon militia - Bernie with Al Sharpton - Iran mocks crying American sailors. White man kills two veteran Maryland cops. Disrespect for police. Cliven Bundy arrested; militia misunderstood by Americans. Hillary gets super-delegates. Bernie meets with Al Sharpton: Blacks should be embarrassed. Birthdays, emails and Facebook comments.

HOUR 3 Elizabeth Oates - Child of divorce - Insecure women - Marriage - ElizabethOates.com author of “If You Could See As Jesus Sees” on coming from a family full of divorce, on women seeing themselves in a worldly, Satanic way, rather than as Jesus sees us. Mentoring young couples. Jesse urges Elizabeth to hear her divorced father’s side, and let him know she holds nothing against him.

February 10, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Julia Fox - Polyamory - LGBT - Women saving men - Study vs Observe - Author of memoir, “And Then There Were Three: Sixty Seven Letters to Sasha,” on polyamory and homosexuality. She and her husband looked up husband’s homosexual college lover Sasha in the closet in anti-gay Russia. Jesse says women think they can “save” men, but get used.

HOUR 2 Hutch on NH Primaries - Socialism - Trump and Sanders - Peter Hutchisson “Hutch” Schultz, Bernie Sanders supporter, defends socialism to Jesse and callers.

HOUR 3 Men and fathers - R Kelly and mother - Caller on The Antidote - R. Kelly is an example of a man who needed his father to protect him: R. Kelly says he was molested, and he’s been accused of molesting girls. He had a close, perverse relationship with his mother. Caller talks about The Antidote. Another caller acted as an example of a male who did not have a good father.

February 09, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Randy Thomasson on Trump - Cruz - Rubio - Trump vs Jeb crowd - Founder of SaveAmerica.com, national arm of SaveCalifornia.com, on family report card for the top 3 Republican Presidential candidates: Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Cruz looks best on paper. But Trump is a stronger leader and better on immigration/refugees. Trump deals with Jeb and crowd in ABC GOP debate.

HOUR 2 Selfishness Props Up Evil Beyonce - White caller on fear - Beyonce a narcissistic, insecure, evil woman, promoting Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers at Super Bowl. Americans should have walked out. Michelle Obama in support of Beyonce, bad example for children. White caller loses black friend and concerned about speaking his mind to blacks. Most blacks hate whites.

HOUR 3 White caller should let black friend go. Beyonce is nasty. Melissa Harris-Perry gushes over anti-police, pro-Black Lives Matter Super Bowl performance. Callers comment on Beyonce and race.

February 08, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump v Cruz on temperament - Not loving fathers and mothers - Super Bowl 50: Beyonce and Denver riots: We’ve lost America. Trump answers question on his temperament, and points out Cruz not answering question. James is sick and too embarrassed to be healed. Caller told his mother he hated her at age 17, did not talk to her for two weeks, and learned she committed suicide.

HOUR 2 Mother committed suicide - Guilt - Anger - John Legend at NAACP - Trayvon martyred by fake civil rights leaders. Caller dropped guilt over mother’s suicide and his anger after reading “From Rage to Responsibility.” John Legend, in NAACP award speech, claims blacks killed because skin represents threat. Caller: Racism does not exist.

HOUR 3 Jerry Madden - Callers voice their concerns on race and politics - Former Texas legislator with RightOnCrime.com on “Ban the Box” – Obama preventing federal employers from asking about criminal history on job applications. Caller on her father, does not like Trump-Cruz fighting. Black callers tripping. Madeleine Albright and Corey Booker ridiculous stump for Hillary.

February 05, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 BlackLivesMatter for mayor - Cruz and Trump qualms - Black Lives Matter agitator runs for Baltimore mayor. Caller laughs about a man stumping Patrick and Jesse with crazy comments. Caller has questions and concerns on his favorites Cruz and Trump.

HOUR 2 The Bible and cults - Woman closed off to black men - Caller concerned James thinks he’s going to hell. Is the Bible the word of God or the word from God? Caller’s daughter, mixed-race black young woman does NOT want a black man, even if God gave her one. Caller says it’s up to her, but Jesse says it’s not.

HOUR 3 OJ Simpson spiritual trauma - Black daughter hates father - OJ’s spiritual issue came from his homosexual drag queen father who died of AIDS, and his mother. Black young woman says she will not date black men and does not love her father. Her mother told her she has a choice to love. Callers, James, and Jesse react.

February 04, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Cruz-Trump duke it out post-Iowa - Obama says Muslims protect us - Hillary getting away with corruption. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump going after each other. Did Ted Cruz campaign and CNN reporter’s incorrect tweet cheat Ben Carson? Obama says Muslims are among our police, firefighters, and Homeland Security.

HOUR 2 Rafael Cruz - Emails - FB comments - Jesse interviews Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, and author of WND book “A Time for Action.” Emails & FB comments: The Audacity of Mr. Peterson: Men in prison. Reaction to Tommy Sotomayor interview. Obama claims Muslims protect us.

HOUR 3 Lisa Maatz - women - Equal Pay - OJ Simpson - The Antidote - Vice President of Government Relations for AAUW (American Association of University Women): What is family? Women working vs. staying home. Real men aren’t nurses. THEN: O.J. Simpson suffered spiritual trauma from his father and mother, not head trauma from football.

February 03, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Steve Williams - Dating - Manhood - Marriage - Belief - Dating coach and creator of TheManMindset.com and radio show ManRadio101.com talks about not believing in God while his parents do. He became a player like his father, and says women are good only for sex, not friendship, to carry your family name, respect you, and bear your children.

HOUR 2 Mark Fitzgibbons on Kamala Harris - Lawyer and co-author of “The Law That Governs Government” suing Kamala Harris for forcing nonprofits to reveal donor list. THEN: Activist-led UN panel to call on U.S. to give reparations to blacks for slavery. Crystal Wright says blacks slavishly vote Democrat, but Trump has real appeal to many blacks.

HOUR 3 Marjorie Dannenfelser - SBA-List - Fight against abortion - In-studio: President of Susan B. Anthony List tells Jesse about becoming a pro-life Catholic, promoting antiabortion candidates, particularly women. SBA-List.org Men should speak out strongly. Will Trump be strong on abortion? Trump personally insults people. Callers support Trump on immigration and terror.

February 02, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Iowa Caucus Republican results - Debating Cruz - Cruz beat Trump, who barely beat Rubio. Carson says Cruz and Steve King cheated. Patrick debates Jesse on Cruz record: Ted Cruz wanted a fence in 2013, but failed. Will he do what he says?

HOUR 2 Hutch on Bernie Sanders - Iowa caucus talk - Peter Hutchisson (“Hutch”) Schultz returns: He predicted the surprisingly strong Rubio performance. Debate: Socialists are losers and socialism creates losers. Unemployment is down under Obama but so is labor force participation. We have socialist education, roads, and military (but military is constitutional). Callers attack.

HOUR 3 Debate - God in schools - FFRF vs WND - Frequent guest Andrew Seidel of FFRF.org debates Alex Newman, co-author of “Crimes of the Educators” (WND), on the necessity of God and Christianity in government schools: secular humanism. Evolution: Fact or fiction debate. Christians, homosexuals, and liberals all indoctrinating kids, but the liberals are winning the young people over.

February 01, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Iowa caucus - Hating Jesse - Cruz vs Trump priorities - Iowa caucus today. Christian caller who loves everybody attacks Jesse about supposed family history. Caller on trusting Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump: Cruz is a Christian. Solomon had many women but led a great kingdom. Did God say he was not fit to be king?

HOUR 2 Tommy Sotomayor - fathers - mothers - Christianity - Talk show host and creator of the upcoming documentary “A Fatherless America” joins Jesse to talk about his absent father who turned out to be a letdown, his preacher mother who he’s become closer with, and his bordering on atheism but informed by Christian teaching. SotomayorTV.com

HOUR 3 The Audacity of Trump - Reaction to Tommy Sotomayor - Reaction to Jesse’s article “The Audacity of Trump” (WND). Caller exposes Cruz’s one-world trade plans since Bush days. Caller asks James why he says nobody likes black people. Caller on Tommy Sotomayor’s honesty: She now sees she should not have judged him for his crudeness or nastiness toward women.

January 29, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood on GOP debate - Every Student Succeeds Act - AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com Jesse tells Bill about Ted Cruz’s “flip flops” on immigration, refugees, trade deal, and Trump’s crossover appeal that Cruz and Carson lack. Full-service community schools: Obama says parents can be “equal partners” with the government in raising children.

HOUR 2 Patrick Rooney on GOP debate - Cruz vs Trump - Patrick and Jesse debate Cruz inconsistency and Trump’s squishiness on Planned Parenthood, etc. Rubio was pro-amnesty. Santorum and Huckabee joined Trump veterans fundraiser. Ben Carson attacks advisor friend Armstrong Williams. Callers attacking Cruz or Trump.

HOUR 3 Patrick Rooney continues on GOP debate - Cruz vs Trump - Patrick says Trump has cult of personality but questionable record—although he’s also not sure about Cruz’s trustworthiness. Caller likes “thinker” Carson. Patrick accuses Trump of dishonest personal attacks. Callers for and against Cruz.

January 28, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Conflicting reports on LaVoy death - Bundy militia arrest - Oregon refuge occupiers arrested by FBI and state troopers. Militia spokesman Robert LaVoy Finicum killed by police—was he “charging” at them or “walking with his hands up?” Media mock decent militia people as crazy because they’re white and conservative.

HOUR 2 Zika virus - Militia vs oppressive govt - Trump vs Fox News - Zika virus to explode on Western Hemisphere. Crying woman at Bernie Sanders town hall. Caller on militia defending their livelihood government is taking over. Farmers punished for refusing same-sex wedding. Trump does what he wants: Not attending GOP Fox News debate. Facebook comments. Shaq joins cops.

HOUR 3 In the box but not of it - Trump handles Bill OReilly - People outside the box are doing well: Trump. People fed up with politicians lying, not stopping Obama. Bill O’Reilly begs Donald Trump to join Fox News debate. Trump putting on event for Veterans. Callers on Trump, being alone, Flint water crisis.

January 27, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bundy militia arrest and killing - Trump vs Megyn Kelly - Fox News - Bundy militia arrested; spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 55, shot and killed. Trump says he’ll skip Fox News debate with “biased” Megyn Kelly. Pro-life women say “anyone but Donald Trump.” Evil Michael Moore flatters Megyn Kelly out of his hate for Trump.

HOUR 2 Diana West - inconsistent Ted Cruz - Ted Cruz is not the consistent Constitutional conservative he and others portray him to be. He has flip flopped on immigration and trade issues post-Trump. Is Trump trustworthy on abortion? Callers for and against Trump, and for and against Cruz. DianaWest.net

HOUR 3 Callers debate Ted Cruz integrity vs Trump - Caller says “I told you so” about Ted Cruz. Another caller refuses to believe facts about Ted Cruz switching positions on immigration, trade, and the Constitution after Trump transformed the dialogue. Another caller claims Trump is fearless but is less clear on Cruz. Is Ted Cruz an honest man?

January 26, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Why is evil overcoming good - Cruz vs Trump - Was Jesus angry - “Good” people intimidated by evil people. 2015 deadliest year for Christians, by Muslims. Caller: Cruz vs. Trump as presidential candidate: Marriage, immigration. Was Jesus angry? Why is evil raging against people?

HOUR 2 Planned Parenthood skates - Duck Dynasty for Cruz or Trump - Trump threatens to skip Megyn Kelly debate. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast let off, while video makers who exposed them selling baby body parts indicted. Duck Dynasty’s Phil and Willie Robertson support Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, respectively. Caller on The Antidote: Understanding human nature.

HOUR 3 Dress code for women - Ted Cruz flip-flop debate - Kansas State Sen. Mitch Holmes imposes rules on women’s dress. Callers debate Ted Cruz flip-flopping on immigration, refugees, etc.

January 25, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Confederate flag tattoo no-go for Marines - Obama like MLK to black RINO - Marine enlistee rejected for Confederate flag tattoo on his ribs. Jesse says workers, athletes, and military people should not have tattoos. Enforcing ethics on employees. Black Republican Armstrong Williams article: “Obama’s MLK Moment” (WND): Obama is revered and beloved, and shared MLK’s “theology of hope.”

HOUR 2 Jada Smith embarrassing Will - The Antidote shocking facts - #OscarsSoWhite started when bad Nigerian actor as MLK didn’t win. Jada Pinkett Smith went behind Will’s back with MLK Day anti-Oscars video. Black caller on The Antidote: Shocked by Michael Brown, OJ Simpson, and Richard Pryor.

HOUR 3 Oscars cave-in shows moral decline - Witless blacks - U.S. in serious trouble while Academy caves to stupid, attention-seeking blacks. Callers weigh in on Oscars boycott and black incapability of building good things. Black pastors like voodoo witch doctors. Weak Will Smith. Blacks are witless: Caller acts as example. Republican politician tells constituent Planned Parenthood is “not funded.”

January 22, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Talent from God - Stacey Dash on BET - Will Smith controlled - Jesse’s not smart, but blessed. Willie Robertson supports Trump. Stacey Dash is right about disbanding BET and Black History Month: black Oscars crybabies are ludicrous. Will Smith is controlled and dragged down by woman and blacks like Kobe Bryant and Stephen A. Smith.

HOUR 2 Unrecognized wisdom - Questioning Trump - Tommy Sotomayor uses Jesse’s dumbness to put down Phil Advise Show. Caller questions Jesse’s bandwagoning with Trump. Caller claims Trump’s good grown sons show he’s a good man.

HOUR 3 School-to-prison saves lives - Callers on Obama vs Trump - School crime rises as liberals refuse to punish bad black students. #TheAntidote: Trayvon would be alive if he’d been jailed for his crimes. Prophet told caller to vote for Obama. Callers on Trump and “narcissism.”

January 21, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Flint water crisis - Morality - White and American culture - Rev. David Alexander Bullock (actioncac.org) on #FlintWaterCrisis. When whites leave, others bring “culture” and decline. #FastAndFurious gun in El Chapo’s hideout. Andre insists America has a culture. Students request college loan forgiveness from federal government: Immoral people bring waste.

HOUR 2 Palin for Trump - Weak men remarry - Phyllis Schlafly - Ben Carson volunteer Braden Joplin dies at 25 after accident. Sarah Palin endorses Trump. Does American have a culture? Emails & FB comments: Weak men; #OscarsSoWhite. Phyllis Schlafly of EagleForum.org on Trump and the people vs. Republican “king-makers.”

HOUR 3 Southern Civil War history - American culture debate - Mark, husband of late Judith Shearer, co-author of “Belonging: The Civil War’s South We Never Knew.” American culture debate rages on. Andre says American culture is and should be white first. Callers debate. Caller Brian says blacks bring down property values due to blacks’ bad reputation.

January 20, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Maggie Gallagher on Trump - Jerry Falwell Jr on Trump - Maggie Gallagher of American Principles Project on the First Amendment Defense Act: Trump said he would not endorse the act. Is Trump a Christian? Obama? THEN: Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr., compares Trump to his father. Christians have become lazy and weak.

HOUR 2 Blacks threaten boycott of Oscars - RME - #OscarsSoWhite - Jada Smith and Spike Lee want to boycott the Academy Awards for racial discrimination. Jada’s friend Sister Souljah talked killing whites. Affirmative Action for Hollywood? Al Sharpton swoops in. Caller debates “our people” Will Smith vs. white Brad Pitt. Leonardo di Caprio never won an Oscar.

HOUR 3 Jonathan R Miller - biracial author - Stanford graduate, former teacher, and author of 5 books, most recently “The Two Levels,” discusses growing up in a white community with his black military father and white mother. JonathanRMiller.com

January 19, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Phil of Advise Show - God - family - manhood - AdviseShow.com Phillip Advise defines “common sense.” Why do blacks lack common sense? Example: Voting for Obama twice. Is Farrakhan evil? Caller says Phil called Jesse a “coon.” Phil defines “coon.” Callers debate.

HOUR 2 Blacks passing blame - Trump at Liberty U - Blacks blame others (white supremacy) for black problems. 21-y-o woman froze to death drunk in Milwaukee—women are taking on new vices when not close with their fathers. Trump gives sermon at Liberty University. Callers debate Trump and Christianity.

HOUR 3 Jerry Martin on hearing God - caller on Trump - Dr. Jerry L. Martin, philosopher and author of “God: An Autobiography as Told to a Philosopher” GodAnAutobiography.com - Unbeliever prayed and heard God. He discusses good and evil. Why does evil rage against people? Millennials reject religion yet call themselves spiritual and are anti-judgmental. THEN: Caller discusses qualms about Trump.

January 18, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump vs Obama songs - Jesse called to help blacks - Willie Lynch letter lie promoted by blacks. Walmart closes in Chinatown, L.A., over $15/hour. “The Official Donald Trump Jam” vs. “Sing for Change Obama.” Caller mad Jesse was called to deal with black immorality.

HOUR 2 Naghmeh Abedini - Brian Sussman - Jesse and his father - Naghmeh Abedini accused newly freed Pastor Saeed of abuse. SIMULCAST: Brian Sussman of KSFO 590 AM on #TheAntidote. The death of Jesse’s father. Caller on astral projection and spousal abuse.

HOUR 3 David Barton - The Jefferson Lies - Forgive fathers - mothers - Caller on Jesse with his father: Why do some wake up? SKYPE GUEST: David Barton of WallBuilders.com on “The Jefferson Lies” new edition on Superstore.WND.com - Then: Caller on fear of 80-something year-old mother. Forgive and return to your fathers.

January 15, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Socialism and hate - Bill Lockwood guest host - 1 Big government the primary concern of American people. Freedom to fail. Socialism is evil. 3 Bill Lockwood on “The Antidote”: Letting go of hate. Caller claims Farrakhan’s call to kill whites and police is “misinterpreted.”

HOUR 2 Govt dependence - Climate change - Bill Lockwood guest host - Indians suffering due to government dependence. Racial division. Human-caused climate change? Michael Crichton: Consensus is not science; consensus is politics. The aim is bigger government. Solution: Spiritual battle: Look within.

HOUR 3 Globalism - Brainwashing - Islam - Bill Lockwood guest host - Global Marxism, totalitarian Islam as communism with a religious bent. Caller on public school brainwashing. Trump is right on keeping Muslims out: Islam spreads by violence and force. Conservatives in Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee real Americans. AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com

January 14, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Guest host James Hake - Jesse on Obama - Trump on Iran - Jesse interview on Breitbart: RINOs and Obama evil, whites afraid, blacks angry. 10 American Navy soldiers captured, humiliated, and released by Iran. Ex-military callers: Violations? Emails & FB comments: (WND) Pay no attention to Muslim behind curtain.

HOUR 2 Guest host Kyle Hunt - Popular music poisons young minds - RenegadeBroadcasting.com Rap lyrics from the 90s to today reveal black-on-white murder fantasy. ADL against tame language against Jewish managers, but not rampant anti-white or black-on-black violence. Video, song, and album imagery promote sexual violations of white women.

HOUR 3 Guest host Dr Singh - Health - Forgiveness - Callers - CenterForEnergyMedicine.org 213-259-4418 Dr. Singh and engineer Andre discuss healthy habits, practicing forgiveness, and Dr. Singh’s treatments that work. Andre used to be fat and was losing patches of hair. Caller asks about eye issues. Callers discuss character and discipline.

January 13, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Patrick Rooney on SOTU - Angry trifling blacks - State of the Union: Obama is a liar, hurting Americans, and supported by blind liberals. Angry caller says whites take more food stamps, but blacks are overrepresented while whites

HOUR 2 Patrick Rooney continues on SOTU - Callers react - Nikki Haley pandered to immigrants and blacks, joined Obama bashing Trump. Callers for and against Obama. Caller tries to defend government jobs expanding.

HOUR 3 Dr Singh - toxins - Jesse on father - no need for sickness - CenterForEnergyMedicine.org Caller on State of the Union address. Dr. Singh on eating healthy and cleansing the body of toxins. Jesse’s father expired last week, Jesse’s grateful they reconciled. We do not have to get sick.

January 12, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Terror is now the norm - Silly Americans sit idly by - Istanbul bombing: Coming to USA. Tonight: Obama’s lame State of the Union, weak GOP response. Philly Mayor denies Islamic influence that would-be cop killer acknowledged. German sex attacks by “rapefugees.”

HOUR 2 Adjusting to hard times - Black female prof vs weak whites - Tulsa apartment fire: Black people make do and have fun. Liberal black female professor to be fired by Wheaton College for saying Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Weak white college Christians’ response.

HOUR 3 Anger holds you back - Judge Roy Moore - Does race exist - Anger is root of problems and from black mothers: Trade school owner agrees with Jesse. Judge Roy Moore stands against same-sex marriage. Memphis caller claims race does not exist.

January 11, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Herbert London - foreign policy - Black Muslim cop shooter - President at LondonCenter.org speaks on the Islamic terror threat and foreign relations. London explains how we are a Judeo-Christian nation: Old Testament values of equality and separation of powers. Black Muslim pledged allegiance to ISIS before attempted assassination of police. Racism does not exist: Anger fools you.

HOUR 2 Was Jesus angry - Should man be angry - Callers debate Jesse on anger. Was Jesus angry? Is God angry? Is man’s anger from God or Satan?

HOUR 3 Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog - Racism lie and anger - ChrisSajnog.com retired Navy SEAL talks about love, meditation, training, and fatherhood: His father left him at a young age, so he retired to be close with his children. THEN: Callers resume debate on anger in the Bible.

January 08, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump attacks Hillary - The Antidote - Obama - Trump’s devastating ad on Hillary hurting women. Caller on The Antidote. FB comments: Anti-gun Obama. Whoopi is American, not "African American."

HOUR 2 Real love - Cruz eligibility debate - Christians and USA - Love is not emotional. Black military woman in training. Caller debate: Is Cruz an eligible natural born citizen? Christians, take back America. Trump throws out Bernie supporters. Who took America from the Christians? Should Christians impose morality on others?

HOUR 3 Callers - Cruz - Obama - Trump - Christian judgment vs anger - Callers on Obama mess, Cruz eligibility, and Trump hype. Christians should impose on the world. The Bible is often twisted and mistranslated. Should Christians be angry?

January 07, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Virginia Rutter PhD - What Is Family - Sociology professor joins Jesse to discuss “Families as They Really Are” vs. families as they should be. Author, Framingham State University professor and Council on Contemporary Families scholar. TheSocietyPages.org/Families and ContemporaryFamilies.org Tweet @VirginiaRutter

HOUR 2 Terror in Paris - Oregon militia debate - Black Marine murderer - Terror attack in Paris on anniversary of Charlie Hebdo murders. Caller debates legitimacy of Oregon militia and Hammond Ranchers. Black Marine arrested in killing of white college student: Black friend justifies the shooting.

HOUR 3 Obama final year - White dating site owner - Louisville riot - Middle East out of control: Choose presidents wisely. WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com dating site owner interviewed. Caller on blacks disobeying police. Officer charged with “perjury” in Sandra Bland case. Are organ donors alive? Louisville black teens riot at mall over the holidays: Louisville knows black violence.

January 06, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Obama cries - Gun control - Real men - Obama displays emotions like John Boehner and promotes corrupt government control over Americans under the guise of addressing gun safety, domestic abuse, suicide & mental health. Flashback: Knoxville police chief chokes up describing black 15-year-old killed shielding girls from gunfire in December.

HOUR 2 Affluenza teen - Parents ruined Ethan Couch - No bad kids: Only bad parents. A spoiled son of an out-of-control mother and father killed four people and badly injured two others drunk driving. His parents had bad records and helped him get out of punishment and consequences. We need to rebuild responsible men. Should we pray for people to go to heaven?

HOUR 3 Dr Singh on causes of illness - habits - heredity - centerforenergymedicine.org Epigenetics: Your genes and those you pass on to your children can be changed. Recommended source: Dr. Bruce Lipton. Stress can put you off-balance: You must allow your body to regenerate.

January 05, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bundy militia defend Constitution in Oregon - Back story to Oregon ranchers dealings with Fish and Wildlife Service and BLM. Ammon Bundy and militia occupy Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building over the holidays to defend private property rights.

HOUR 2 Greg Jao on Black Lives Matter - Bundy militia - Vice President and Director of Campus Engagement at InterVarsity discusses the legitimacy of Black Lives Matter, existence of “racism,” and how black activist Michelle Higgins made white students at Urbana conference see the image of God in black people. THEN: Callers and more wisdom from Ammon Bundy.

HOUR 3 Pro-life Ashley Morgan - Gun control - Where White People Meet - Longtime BOND supporter has begun his own pro-life movement after reading From Rage to Responsibility, then reading a heartless radical feminist. THEN: Obama-nominated judge gives a year probation to straw purchaser of cop killer’s gun. THEN: WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com getting cries of “racism.”

January 04, 2016
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Happy New Year - Simulcast Rose Unplugged on The Antidote - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Armenian Christmas coming. Caller concerned on James’s salvation. Madonna’s son wants his dad. Bill Cosby’s wife reportedly not happy. Simulcast: Rose Unplugged roseunplugged Rose Tennent on AM 1250 The Answer in Pittsburgh, PA.

HOUR 2 Bill Cosby - Natalie Cole RIP - Equal Pay for women - Are you going to heaven? Bill Cosby attacked by liberal blacks as well as women & media. Rest in peace, Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat “King” Cole. New “Equal pay” law for women will hurt women and businesses in California.

HOUR 3 Chris Hartman of Fairness Campaign - Fairness.org Director in Louisville, KY, debates Jesse on existence of racism as discrimination based on race, and legitimacy of anti-discrimination laws as taking away freedom of association. Chris claims Tamir Rice and other blacks were “murdered,” that Ferguson “proved” racism, and that black lives are devalued.

December 24, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Black President promotes lies and hate - Who is Jesus? Obama defends Black Lives Matter and parents teaching their kids “racism” lies. Caller offers $500 matching contribution to BOND.

HOUR 2 Liberty RoundTable - Sam Bushman and Friends - The Antidote - Simulcast with physically blind white radio host on uniting good Americans around truth and what’s right. The Antidote and TheFallenState.tv - Bill Lockwood calls to give $500 matching donation to BOND.

HOUR 3 BLM lies - Patrick Rooney in-studio - Merry Christmas - Black Lives Matter agitators continue lie of “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Patrick Rooney leaving California for Tennessee. Caller and wife talk about fathers recovering from near-death sickness. Merry Christmas from BOND. George Soros, Rockefeller, Bill Gates support Black Lives Matter, caller cites Alex Jones InfoWars.

December 23, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Vicki Larson - Marriage - Divorce - Children - TheNewIDoBook.com author and journalist returns discusses marriage “uncoupling,” parents fulfilling “sexual needs” without giving their children the trauma of divorce. Vicki Larson’s book: “The New ‘I Do’: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists, and Rebels.” Vicki is agnostic.

HOUR 2 Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Muslim vs Christian debate - Twitter.com/RealSheriffJoe Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe begins 24th year serving since 1993, married 58 years. Can America return to morality? THEN: Imam Azam Akram debates Dr. Mark Christian on Islam: “How to prevent another San Bernardino shooting.”

HOUR 3 Hotsy Totsy FemiNazi - The Antidote - Kids Christmas greeting - Author of “Hotsy Totsy FemiNazi” (also on YouTube) Fred Sottile discusses divorce and mothers’ brainwashing of children. Caller loves The Antidote. Mall of America forced to allow Black Lives Matter protestors in. Caller has his kids greet Jesse.

December 22, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - Immigration - Relocation - Welfare - AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com - “The Ghost of Ted Kennedy: The Balkanizing of America.” Obama’s HUD relocating ghetto blacks to white suburbs. Welfare State based on envy: Redistribution makes it worse.

HOUR 2 Avi Davis RIP - Steve Harvey - Sandra Bland - White people - America lost a great soul: Avi Davis of American Freedom Alliance (americanfreedomalliance.org). Steve Harvey was allegedly drinking and gambling when he botched Miss Universe announcement. No indictment in Sandra Bland suicide. White male suicide rate 11x that of black female. Caller stuck on white people.

HOUR 3 Matthew Heimbach - Orthodox Christianity - Restoring America - TradWorkers.org and TradYouth.org - Founding member of White Student Union at Towson University now a legionnaire for Traditionalist Youth. White Christian male stands up for America, talks Christmas, family, politicians, Trump, nationalism, welfare, Obama-induced poverty, and unemployment.

December 21, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 News - Hell - Christmas - Man as head of wife - Small talk on current events, Satan’s jealous competition, and Christmas. First-time caller reconsiders what it means to be the head of his wife. Longtime disagreer appreciates good things Jesse says.

HOUR 2 Rusty Thomas fighting for America - HUD relocating ghettoes - CourtsCannotMakeLaws.com and LesserMagistrate.com - Pastor Rusty Thomas on children, Christmas, and getting elected officials to stand up to immoral, oppressive government including the Supreme Court. Jesse goes off on Obama’s moving “poor” blacks into white suburbs: False physical solution to spiritual problem.

HOUR 3 uBreakifix owner - Black victimhood - Miss Universe - Miss Puerto Rico - uBreakifix.com - Jesse interviews young black franchise owner in Orange County. Obama administration encouraging black victimhood. Steve Harvey misnames Miss Universe winner. Miss Puerto Rico suspended for defending America against Muslims and Michael Moore.

December 18, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Childhood Christmas - Death fear - Trump and Putin - Christmas traditions with family. Death is unnatural. Trump: Death penalty for cop killers. Jeb’s so weak vs. Trump; he needs better glasses. Al Sharpton rally speaker was arrested for Quik Trip arson last January. Putin thinks Trump “bright, talented,” and Russia would “welcome closer relations” with US.

HOUR 2 US Muslim swears on Koran - White fear - US decline - Black female Muslim judge takes oath on the Koran. Decline of American people, lack of wisdom. Whites allow evil. Liberal communist death worshippers. Yale students sign petition to repeal 1st Amendment for “racism.” Obama putting destruction in place.

HOUR 3 UN propaganda - Stopping evil - Weakness of empathy - UN “Human Rights” propaganda LGBT “anti-discrimination” video. Caller: How do we stop evil? Tennessee McDonald’s Nativity scene. White college student suspended for saying black women are “not hot.” Empathetic people targeted by sociopaths. Jamie of Waves of Gray.

December 17, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Andrew Chesnut - Santa Muerte - Freddie Gray - SkeletonSaint.com Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University explains the growing cult of Santa Muerte (Saint Death) through Latin and North America, and in Mexican drug cartels. Freddie Gray case: First officer in mistrial. Foolish Baltimore protesters.

HOUR 2 Fear and safety - Trump v Bush - Lamar Odom - FB comments - People building safe rooms to protect from home invaders. Fear and crime increasing. Trump a real man and Jeb Bush making a fool of himself. Lamar Odom not doing well. Facebook comments on Freddie Gray, Obama, and Jesse.

HOUR 3 Samuel Sinyangwe - racism and police - JoinCampaignZero.org Black activist, policy analyst, data scientist talks racism, bad kids and bullying. Blacks killed by police: Are most killings by police justified? Hands up, don’t shoot a lie: Are there other examples? Innocent unless proven guilty: Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman?

December 16, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 The Antidote book exposes lies presented as truth - Jesse and James small talk. Justice Clarence Thomas received “The Antidote.” Most blacks are not “racist” but angry and therefore deceived. Feeling good is deceptive too. First-time caller from Watts, Los Angeles, challenges Jesse on solution for blacks.

HOUR 2 How blacks can do well - Behind the debates - Patrick Rooney and caller Christian try to help new caller Thomas see how blacks can help themselves. Behind the Debates with Smartest White Man @RealPatrickR on Twitter.

HOUR 3 GOP Debate - Stay healthy - LA bomb threat - Debate synopsis by Jesse. Pray for friend Avi Davis of American Freedom Alliance in coma after heart attack. Take care of your body. Caller thinks Rubio did well. Fake terror threat on NYC and L.A. schools.

December 15, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump right or wrong for Cruz maniac critique - Spiritual talk. Jesse thinks Trump is wrong to “attack” Cruz by calling him “a little bit of a maniac” and not having “the right temperament.” Producer James disagrees and thinks it’s a reasonable criticism. Big argument.

HOUR 2 Freddie Gray - police on trial - Michelle Alexander - W E B du Bois - Jesse weighs in on the Freddie Gray case, Baltimore riots, and the attack on police. Introduction to Michelle Alexander, the new America-hating communist W. E. B. du Bois.

HOUR 3 Julie M - Erosion novel - Michelle Alexander - Evil woman - Author and music teacher at a Canadian Catholic school talks about her divorce, anger, and imperfect raising as a child under parents. Liberals promote wicked liar Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, who taught her son that American law & justice is “racist.”

December 14, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Jay Horton - The Raging Liberal on guns and Trump - Navy veteran and Alabama native returns to debate gun rights, the Second Amendment, self-defense, government oppression, and Trump.

HOUR 2 Muslim agrees with Trump - Freedom to discriminate - Texas imam forced to resign for agreeing with Trump to temporarily bar Muslims from entry to U.S. Dr. Ben Carson unclear about barring Muslims. The right to discriminate is an American value.

HOUR 3 Classless Michelle Obama promotes college brainwashing - First Lady of the United States raps “Go to College” expensive brainwashing institutions. Caller Mike: Obama had major backing to beat Clinton; Cruz not eligible to be president. Caller Maze defends Michelle. Bad girls without fathers fighting as boys egg them on in viral Chi-town vs Chi-raq video.

December 11, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Obama not protecting US - Trump strongest on security - Muslim student terror attack, stabbings at a university last month. Two Afghan trainees disappear from Air Force base in Georgia, USA. Center for Security Policy: 25% of Muslims in US agree with violence against US for jihad. 36% males under 45 believe in violent jihad against US. 51% believe in choosing Sharia law in America.

HOUR 2 Rebuilding the Man - The Fallen State - Black racism question - Smartest White Man Patrick Rooney: Crowdfunding campaign has ended: We raised over $10,000 in 1 month for TheFallenState.TV upcoming web series with Jesse Lee Peterson. THANK YOU! Caller: Jesse a “hypocrite” because he now realizes that “racism” does not exist. Obama, et al, are not “racist” but simply evil.

HOUR 3 Callers - Racism or Evil - Callers talk about Jesse realizing that racism is an illusion and does not exist. Caller is intent on calling Jesse a “hypocrite” for realizing that Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and most blacks are not “racist,” but simply evil, deceived, and liars.

December 10, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Racism lie - Obama - Republican RINOs - Trump on Muslims - Evil Obama promoting lie of slavery and racism. Will Republicans continue to betray the platform and Trump? Trump calls for shutdown of Muslims coming into U.S. until we can figure out what’s going on: Logical.

HOUR 2 James Lancia on Bridgeport racism lies - Spiritual battle - Black ex-cop arrested for fake “white power” letter. Discrimination was not a problem. Emails & FB comments: Obama refuses to fight ISIS. Son of Satan atheist interview. Live spiritually. Media attacking Trump.

HOUR 3 Pastor Daniel Hill - Racism - Police murder blacks - Pastor of River City Community Church prayed repentance for whites devaluing black life. He suggests the officer murdered Laquan McDonald but admits it’s wrong to presume the cop guilty. Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow” vs. Jesse Lee Peterson’s “The Antidote.” Why are blacks suffering today?

December 09, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Sheriff Joe - arm citizens - George Zimmerman bad tweet - Obama leaves us exposed. Sheriff Joe Arpaio calls for armed citizens as a guard against terrorism. George Zimmerman tweets naked picture of his ex-girlfriend, saying she slept with a dirty Muslim. #PrayforGeorge. Caller on not letting Muslims into the country.

HOUR 2 Adele white privilege - Fox News pundits cuss about Obama - Singer Adele attacked for “white privilege” on liberal Change.org petition. Col. Ralph Peters calls Obama a “total P****,” and Stacey Dash says Obama “could give a S***” about America being attacked by terrorists. Anger is the nature of evil.

HOUR 3 52-y-o father lives as 6-y-o girl - Man left his wife and 7 children at 46 to be transgender and start a new life. Homosexuals bully and manipulate nice, weak family members into accepting evil.

December 08, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Andrew Seidel of FFRF.org - War on Christmas - Freedom From Religion Foundation: Fighting for the separation of state and church since 1976. Terror attacks motivated by religion: Planned Parenthood? Debate on Christian inconsistency with the immoral Bible. Abortion: Is it wrong baby-killing or a difficult but valid choice? Goodness is reasonable and kind.

HOUR 2 Love God - Loretta Lynch and Obama support evil - On loving God, turning from evil and anger back to the Father. Loretta Lynch talks about action against Islamophobia and bullying. WND: Terror attack shows Obama and the media support our enemy. Hustlers use minorities to divide. Muslim terror attack in San Bernardino: Bad family life sets up for radicalization.

HOUR 3 The Fallen State - Anti-police - Jerry Falwell Jr - Tim Solliday donated art prints to www.thefallenstate.tv - Police officers under attack while blacks kill more blacks. Jerry Falwell, Jr., of Liberty University, urges concealed guns to end those Muslims. Caller on whether racism exists.

December 07, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Obama on ISIS - gun control - Islamophobia - Obama finally addressed the San Bernardino Muslim terror attack: In a Sunday address Obama asserted that the U.S. will not fight ISIS on the ground, but insists on promoting gun control (trying to prevent Americans who who may inadvertently appear on a “no-fly list” from owning weapons) and attacking Islamophobia.

HOUR 2 Todd St Hill of Black Youth Project 100 in Chicago - BYP100.org 31-year-old organizer for black activist political group discusses what ails the black community: Character over politics? Whose fault is high unemployment and schools closing? Explaining “queerness” to old-fashioned country boy Jesse Lee. Not discussing God and family. Protesting the killing of thugs vs innocent kids.

HOUR 3 Tim Solliday artwork - Brainwashed black women - Plein-air artist and BOND supporter Tim Solliday donated valuable art prints to Jesse Lee Peterson’s new talk show and web series www.TheFallenState.tv - THEN: Black women brainwashed by upbringing and education about “racism” and “feminism.”

December 04, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 BOND Skype tour - Something is off with Obama - Producer James Skypes in with Jesse to tour the office on video. Obama suggests terrorism was workplace violence again. Angry blacks blind to their own flaws but not others’. Caller: Obama’s moral for Peanuts Christmas movie: Giving the “little tree” a chance.

HOUR 2 Black Mass Shooter - Obama a Muslim - Terrorism - Black mass shooters in New Orleans not in the news because of “racism.” Obama is a Muslim. New York Daily News calls NRA’s Wayne LaPierre a terrorist. Is Jesus your brother or your God? On Patrick leaving. America now vulnerable to constant terrorism under Obama.

HOUR 3 Race Hoaxes - Racism illusion - White Student Unions - Black female college graduate, former president of Pan African Student Union, and black agitator arrested for tweeting fake racist threats to kill blacks. Racism does not exist. White student unions at universities popping up around the country in defense of whites under attack by blacks and liberals.

December 03, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Ashley Tose - I Hate White America - Why do we live with a Muslim terror threat? Why do some black women wear dry afros? The love of money is the root of evil. The way to a man’s heart is through cooking. Caller insists racism exists and asks about out-of-wedlock kids.

HOUR 2 Ron Rice - charter schools - Black identity - PublicCharters.org Former Newark city councilman, with National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, on Hillary’s claim that charter schools do not serve “the hardest-to-teach” students, also asked about Obama and vouchers. THEN: Caller on racism and lost black identity; Jesse’s answer: Forgive your father.

HOUR 3 IQ al-Rassooli and John Robert Friend - Muslims and Jews - I.Q. al-Rassooli of al-Rassooli.com on Islam, the Qur’an, and Hitler. John Robert Friend of TheRealistReport.com debates IQ on Jewish influence in white countries and asserts Hitler was a good Christian man and statesman.

December 02, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 James Lancia on Chicago police indictment - Downtown White Police author, former Bridgeport police officer, says Chicago police shooting of Laquan McDonald appeared justified, that officer Jason Van Dyke was a good cop in the gang unit, and that blacks for a long time have had a deep-seated hatred for whites.

HOUR 2 Forgiveness - The Fallen State - Christ our brother - Caller on Cade Soleil interview (12/1 Hour 1), and forgiveness. Caller on supporting the upcoming The Fallen State web series thefallenstate.tv. Christ is our brother.

HOUR 3 Black souls are like fatherless children - People think Jesse sounds like he hates blacks. Most blacks’ souls are like fatherless children. Missing words in the black community: Sovereign. Blacks in the fallen state

December 01, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Cade Soleil on forgiveness - Black teen rapist and killer - Author of “Nevermore,” a play about an abusive father, offers hope for people to find peace and change. Should she share what her parents did? Can you forgive and not know it? Iyanla on Twitter. THEN: Black 14-y-o boy raped and murdered his 24-y-o white female math teacher.

HOUR 2 Sen Carlyle Begay - Navajo Republican - Planned Parenthood - Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay tells of Native American dual citizenship, switch from Democrat to Republican, and serving downtrodden community: Education, unemployment, suicide, helping the youth. THEN: Planned Parenthood abortion facts.

HOUR 3 Misperception of racism - Jesus our brother or God - CNN-Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds 1 in 5 blacks report “unfair” dealings with police. Blacks murdering blacks, whites, and police.

November 30, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Blacks fooled through hate - Planned Parenthood Shooting - 1 CJ Pierson goes from Republican to Independent over shootings of “innocent” blacks. 2 Bitter white man kills three at Planned Parenthood in Colorado. 3 Thanksgiving. Planned Parenthood kill babies in the womb. Why killer was a psycho: Bad relationship with father. 4 Anti-police Chicago protest with Jesse Jackson.

HOUR 2 Rev E Winford Bell - Violent cities - SilverLiningOfHope.org Pastor of Mt. Olive 2nd Missionary Baptist Church, president of the Silver Lining of Hope Crusade on murders and shootings in the city, failure of parents, effects of slavery, and good and bad things about Obama.

HOUR 3 Black-on-white murder - Blacks vs police - Detroit: 91-year-old white man beaten by neighbor’s black grandson who set his house on fire. Black-on-black murder more than quadruple rate per capita of white-on-white murder. Caller says Trump and Ben Carson were called by God to run for President.

November 25, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Navajo turns Republican - Climate Change vs ISIS - 1 Are you thankful? Obama says “go shopping,” but won’t protect us. 2 American Indian Democrat switches to Republican party. 3 Obama’s Paris Climate Change conference a “powerful rebuke” to ISIS. 4 White Christians now a minority in America.

HOUR 2 The Fallen State - Chicago agitators - Thanksgiving confrontation - 1 TheFallenState.tv Donation perks: The Antidote book & painting portrait of Jesse. 2 I roll my eyes at black agitators in Chicago over cop. 3 Media and politicians dramatize killing of black thug robbing cars. Do you deal with issues at Thanksgiving and gatherings? 4 Who sets the mood at Thanksgiving? 5 First-time caller on Jesse’s work and articles on WND, state of America.

HOUR 3 Blind America - Waking the people - Chicago agitators - 1 First-time caller on blindness of the people. Chicago black agitators don’t care about other blacks. 2 Black and white liberals. Caller on preacher wife. 3 Emails, FB comments: Hannity interview: No such thing as racism. Woman on Theodore Shoebat interview: Seeing the evil within. 4 Chicago murder rate. ABC dramatizes police shooting of black thug.

November 24, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - Islam - Emergent Church - TPP - Racism - AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com Muslim refugees: Close our borders. What about Christian compassion? The emergent Church. Can we fight Trans-Pacific Partnership? Racism does not exist. Paul had to repent.

HOUR 2 Anti-white black crime - Black agitator at Trump rally - 1 Black 22-y-o man murders 2 white women in TN. Murderer’s mentor says it’s not a hate crime. 2 Three black men sexually assault and murder young white Indiana pastor’s pregnant wife in burglary spree. 3 Weak Christians think they have to “choose to forgive every day.” 4 Black Lives Matter agitator and CNN lied about him being kicked by Trump supporters.

HOUR 3 Angela Box FaceOff vs Quanell X - Humility - Obama and Islam - AngelasSoapBox.com White woman with courage battles libelous, slanderous New Black Panther Quanell X in debate. Expect liberal attacks on decent people. THEN: Who am I to complain? Humbling by God’s mercy. Caller on Jesse’s new book. Blacks supporting Obama who will stand with Muslims. Mussolini’s massive immigration scheme. International travel alert.

November 23, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Jerome Tuccille: RoughRiders.com - 1 Evidence of racism? 2 Colin Powell a loser used by Cheney? Book: The Roughest Riders: The Untold Story of the Black Soldiers in the Spanish-American War. 3 Buried history of black soldiers. 4 Disagreers free to call. Blacks in college for white women. 5 Caller: WMDs in Syria, defending Theodore Roosevelt

HOUR 2 Book tour - Man and wife - Obama not protecting US - 1 Caller: people not following the Bible. Jesse’s book tour in NYC. 2 Plane passengers: Liberal man bossed around by wife. ISIS infiltrating refugees. 3 Obama lies Republicans afraid of widows and orphans. 4 Obama not protecting us, Black Lives Matter used and brainwashed. 5 Watch your backs.

HOUR 3 Refugee lies - Trump on BlackLivesMatter - LA Violent Crime - “Refugee” men outnumber women; children half of refugees. Andre’s wife’s uppity baby shower. Trump on Black Lives Matter agitator: “Roughed up? Maybe he should have been roughed up!” Caller asks for million man march against Obama & Washington, D.C. Los Angeles murders up 12%, shootings up 20%. Violent crime up in major cities around the country.

November 16, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Theodore Shoebat on Paris attacks other evils - Shoebat.com and RescueChristians.org – The decline of Christianity ushers in evil, jihadist attacks, and unseen atrocities by Satanic Mexican cartels. The rise of women in power with feminism has made America empty of character and weak to attack.

HOUR 2 White fear empowers Obama - Trump on pathology of Carson - 1 Dear White People: Your Days Are Numbered. 2 Muslim refugee terrorists attack Paris. 3-4) Trump on Carson’s “pathological temper”: You don’t cure a child molester. Carson aide Armstrong Williams’s weak response. Caller says Trump did not pressure Ford Motors to move manufacturing from Mexico to Ohio.

HOUR 3 Whites to blame for American decline - Black Lives Matter at Dartmouth - 1 America’s enemies coming in as Obama talks climate change, and whites allow it. 2 Diana Ross Vegas concert. White judge orders child removal from lesbian foster “parents,” then caves under pressure. 3 Get up and fight, don’t just sit and pray. Black Lives Matter protestors in Dartmouth and against Minneapolis police.

November 13, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Kilmeade - Islam vs America - Blacks against America - 1 Palestinian young lady stabs Israeli guard. 1/4 US Muslims believe in violence against America for Sharia. 2 Brian Kilmeade: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates. 3-4) ‘Afrikan Black Coalition’ Reveals Goals: ‘Stop White People’ and overturn Constitution.

HOUR 2 Good man - Success - Young whites lashing out at blacks - 1 One professional, masculine Hispanic young man. 2 Do you have to own a business to be successful? 3 Business owner and father weighs in. 4 White young men lashing out on blacks as Jesse predicted.

HOUR 3 Trump on Carson and pathology - Conspiracy theories - 1-2) Is Ben Carson pathological? Has he been redeemed? Is Trump wrong? 3-4) Conspiracy theories: Reality and evidence versus propositions and assumptions.

November 12, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump asks why Carly keeps interrupting - Trump vs Obama - 1 Woman cheated by casino. Carly goes on and on at debate. 2 Trump asks, “Why does she keep interrupting?” 3 Text: Carly raised the level of the debate. Andre: She’s fake. 4 Trump vs. Obama dancing: Manly vs. girly.

HOUR 2 White men under attack - Return to the Father - Border Patrol - 1 Men branded as molesters: Uncles cannot hang out with nieces and nephews. 2 White straight men under cruel attack, where blacks and women were seduced. 3 FB comments: Getting to the Father. 4 Former San Francisco pro-sanctuary city police chief up for head of border patrol.

HOUR 3 MU protests - Black hard worker - Claire McCaskill - 1 MU professor called for muscle against reporter, apologizes and resigns. 2 MU Police Dept encourages reporting of “hurtful and/or hateful speech.” 3 Black Goodyear employee retires after 72 years of work. 4 Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tells men to shut the hell up. Caller feels like giving up fighting.

November 11, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 4th Republican debate - Courage of 3 men - 1 Anti-Trump caller: Businessmen have no integrity. 2 Trump, Carson, and Cruz right on immigration, minimum wage. 3 Support TheFallenState.tv 4 Three brave souls stand up to Nebuchadnezzar.

HOUR 2 Callers think Jesse hates blacks - I love my mama to death - 1 U. of Missouri black protest debate. 2 Caller: Why does Jesse hate blacks? 3 TheFallenState.tv - BOND’s focus on the black man. 4 Caller: I love my mother to death.

HOUR 3 Manhood Hour - Black men and mama - 1 Black men abnormal relationship with mama. Tupac’s “Dear Mama.” Why love mother? 2 Happy Veterans Day. Black mother tortures son for disrespecting teacher. Blacks flattered and spoiled by whites. 3 Caller won’t support Ted Cruz. 4 Smartest White Man: “natural-born citizen” question: Obama vs. Cruz. 5 Caller: Tim Tebow vs. RG3

November 10, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Speaking up - losing friends - Radical blacks - Transgender 6-y-o - 1 Why be alive? Blacks lying. Have you returned to the Father? 2 James lost another friend defending a Tweet. Most are evil. 3 UM radical affirmative action black thugs attacking whites: Redistribution of power and wealth. 4 Caller upset: Daycare workers fired over “transgender” 6-y-o child raised by two homosexual males.

HOUR 2 Ric Mathis - the film Black Friday - illusion of racism - TheFilmBlackFriday.com 1 Film producer from Atlanta: Blacks disrespected today. 2 Who hates black people? 3 Power as potential vs. ability to admit wrong and overcome. 4 Morality and judgment. Racism an illusion. 5 Definition of power.

HOUR 3 University of Missouri falls for racism lie - 1 TheFallenState.tv to get the truth out. 2 University of Missouri president resigns over classless “students.” 3 Poorly raised far-left liberals looking for love, taking power from white men. 4 Black egos in the fallen state, like their mothers. 5 Blacks and liberal whites attacking black conservative Carol Swain in Memphis.

November 09, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Being a father - Trump on SNL - Callers - 1 Obama and Republicans let country go to hell. 2 Jesse and Andre on children and family. 3 Trump makes joke of racist name-calling. Caller may run for President. 4 Caller attacks Michele Bachmann, defends Michelle Obama.

HOUR 2 Coming to the father - Anger in black family - How do you go through the son to get to God? “Iyanla, Fix My Life” - violent black mother and grandmother, and failure of weak husband and father. Iyanla blames racism for grandmother’s anger.

HOUR 3 Lisa N Edwards - Chicago execution - Carson vs media - LisaNEdwards.com - Australian actress, author, and producer pitching new movie “Limbo,” discussing domestic violence, equal justice for men and women, and purpose in life. THEN: 9-year-old Chicago boy executed: Son reaping the sins of the father. Ben Carson calls out media hypocrisy on Obama.

November 06, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Is life fair - Trump-Carson cartoon - Hispanic kids cuss - 1 Is life fair? Getting caught up in excitement. 2 Steven Crowder’s CNBC debate spoof. 3 Do we get what we deserve? Following God in your heart vs the Bible. CNBC debate. 4 Latino kids cuss at Trump.

HOUR 2 Fairness - Men showing weakness to women - 1 Is life fair? It is a sin to think about fairness of life. 2 Men sharing weakness with women. 3 Men should not share past with women or display weakness. 4 Caller talks down to young guys, asks about blacks dealing with the Klan and others.

HOUR 3 Comparing Trump to Obama - Corrupt cop commits suicide - 1 Caller thinks Trump is a liar like Obama. 2 Trump’s wall plan. Caller on Nashville shootings. 3 Corrupt officer stages his suicide to look like murder. 4 Caller accuses Jesse of favoring whites. Donald Trump and US-Mexico border.

November 05, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Quentin Tarantino supports evil - 1 Worker fighting with customer; unhappy New Black Panthers. 2 Quentin Tarantino supports evil RiseUpOctober against police on MSNBC. 3 Quentin cries white supremacy. 4 No relationship with father, ruined by angry mother.

HOUR 2 Patrick Rooney on The Fallen State - Love versus marriage - rebuildingtheman.com Introducing new web TV show with Jesse Lee Peterson: Fundraising for costs. THEN: Emails & FB comments. Can you love when in the fallen state? Can you marry and have true love in your heart?

HOUR 3 Suffering kids - Black culture debate - Rebuild men - 1 Kids get anger from parents. Suffering in wrong: Stop blaming. 2 White woman debates Quanell X on black culture. 3 Kids love and respect strong discipline. Male authority taken away. 4 Return men to God: Man’s anger is not God’s anger. Blacks cry discrimination for being kicked off plane.

November 04, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 P. Hutchisson Schultz - Schools - Fathers - Race - 1 Bernie vs Hillary. Problems with schools and parents. LGBT issues promoted? 2 Bullying and homosexuality. Faith, fathers, and abuse. 3 Forgiving fathers. Secular rise in spirituality. 4 Anger and peace. Book suggestions. Race and juries.

HOUR 2 Dr Sarah Vinson on race and crime - Deception - 1 Blacks affected by drug crimes, stop-and-frisk. 2 Black violence. Loans and suspicion: Reputation vs prejudice. 3 Blame: Leaders keep you blind with anger. Sanctuary city sheriff loses. 4 Hillary supporters ignorantly support Sharia Law. Russia caller on black doctor interview.

HOUR 3 Ted Haggard - Renewing the mind - TedHaggardBlog.com 1 Pastor of St. James Church: Father’s influence. 2 Changing the brain with meditation: Whose voice(s) in our mind? 3 Anger, trauma affects the brain, personality. God’s voice and mind. 4 Life versus knowledge. Spiritual vs physical effects on habitual “sins.” Is healing a process or immediate?

November 03, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Uber driver attacked - Due process principle - Obama abandons veterans, takes care of illegals. Uber driver attacked; White man fired. Street preacher says Jesse looked like self-hating black man, calling for due process for former officer Michael Slager. 5 Detroit Uber driver never encountered black customer.

HOUR 2 Mark Saint Juste on why kids lack love - GetMeMeKids.com – author, media producer, and former teacher: Loving yourself before you can love others. Why do kids lack love and respect? Are male teachers and principals needed? Do fathers matter? Is your father replaceable? Is a believer in Jesus a Christian?

HOUR 3 Obama pushes transgenders on kids - Middle-aged whites dying - 1 Can you get to Father without Son? Jesse in Palm Desert. 2 Pushing evil: Dept of Ed attacks Illinois school district over male transgender. 3 Obama’s male Hispanic transgender appointee. 4 Middle-aged white mortality on the rise since 1999 due to suicide and drugs. 5 Caller recommends Woodlawn movie.

November 02, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 James Lancia - Attack on police - “Downtown White Police” author addresses Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel saying police are in a “fetal” position after Baltimore and Ferguson. Black Lives Matter is thug worship, cheering and jeering at dead cops. THEN: Smokey Robinson said love is the most powerful emotion. UCLA fraternity and sorority suspended.

HOUR 2 David Murrow on women leading church - Founder of ChurchforMen.com says when women take over, men back off. Women nurture relationships where men stand on rules. Women should not be elders; how about pastors? THEN: South Carolina cop fired. Black refugee to Canada from police racism.

HOUR 3 Blacks attacking whites and crying racism - Students walk out to support SC Officer Fields. Examples of blacks attacking white staff. Knockout attack in Nashville. #JusticeForJason white D.C. attorney and university president cry racism on scared white mother. Question of the week: Smokey Robinson said love is the most powerful emotion. Is it true?

October 30, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Yoga debate - Bad girl tossed by cop - 1 Republican debates. Yoga idolatry? 2 Big debate on Yoga. Caller compares CNBC debate to military tribunal. 3 Emails & Facebook comments on bad girl tossed by now-fired cop. 4 Dead souls with no fathers. Don’t believe the Republicans in Congress, passing budget deal. 5 Kids are worse with cold mothers.

HOUR 2 Thuggish girl gets cop fired - Corrupt DOJ - 1 Thuggish girl thrown by cop. 2 Caller defends girl. 3 Pics show girl was fighting with cop. 4 Flashback: Rep. Steve King addresses Eric Holder’s bias. rightwingnews.com

HOUR 3 Corrupt DOJ continued - News headlines - Blackface - 1 Continued: Rep. King on DOJ corruption. Christie vs NY Times. China 2-child policy. 2) Adele the best singer. Paul Ryan dodges Pelosi hug. 3 Test scores for military women questioned. Teacher forced to apologize for Kanye West costume. 4 Blacks being ridiculous about “blackface” overreaction.

October 29, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 off-air first hour

HOUR 2 Kim Keller on depression - Blogger for RoadkillGoldfish.com opens up real dialogue. Does medication harm or help the brain? Depression versus violent psychosis. God’s will versus human suffering. Family life, anger, unforgiveness, and admitting you are wrong.

HOUR 3 Beverly Powers - Debate - Mike Tyson on Trump - 1 Actress turned minister’s autobiography: “Passing the Baton of Light: Saving a Family Tree.” 2 Beverly Powers on family and country. 3 CNBC Debate synopsis. 4 Mike Tyson stumps for Trump.

October 28, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 off-air first hour

HOUR 2 SC cop in trouble for throwing a poorly raised girl - South Carolina cop throws unruly high school girl around in classroom; teacher and principal believed the force was justified. Mother says daughter is “depressed now.” Liberal activists opened a federal civil rights investigation. Liberals protect the guilty while they abandon and blame the innocent. Set an example and stand up for your children.

HOUR 3 Dr Singh on staying healthy - CenterForEnergyMedicine.org (213) 259-4418 - Topics: Dr. Singh’s story. Energy exercises. Avoid surgery. Avoid hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Are vitamins bad for you? Menopause and nutrition. The cleanse.

October 27, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood on TPP and Equality Act - AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood.com and IowaParkCoC.org Trans Pacific Partnership moving toward global government, losing American jobs to Mexico. The Equality Act: Forcing celebration of homosexuality on churches, recognizing same-sex marriage. No one has been discriminating against homosexuals.

HOUR 2 Downfall of family - Marine hero - Adultery - 1 Blacks leading the way in destruction of family and America. 2 San Diego Marine pilot killed protecting others. 3 Detroit pastor adulterer shot and killed man confronting him with brick. 4 Jesse call to help black men.

HOUR 3 Farrakhan and murder - Al Sharpton - Blackface - 1 Black mass shooters. Louis Farrakhan gloats at Malcolm X’s murder. 2 Louis Farrakhan and Obama’s dirty associations. 3 Al Sharpton was to speak at dead cop’s funeral. James was black for Halloween. Teacher under fire for “blackface.”

October 26, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Eric Owens of Daily Caller - Student assaults Muslim - Trump - DailyCaller.com education editor discusses Indiana University psychology major, purportedly off his meds, drunk, and attacking a Turkish Muslim woman. THEN: Trump vs Rubio and others: Trustworthy or untrustworthy for President? Immigration crisis for blacks.

HOUR 2 Immigration hurts blacks - Knockout attacks - Black vs white - 1 Black woman stumps for Trump to black Democrat CA Sen. Isadore Hall. 2 White Texas man sentenced for hate crime knockout attack. 3 Blacks assault whites five times as much. 4 Black-on-white homeless knockout. 5 Enterprising black caller.

HOUR 3 Dilbert creator Scott Adams - “Moist robot” people - Trump - blog.dilbert.com author of “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life.” People are not rational; they rationalize. Letting fear go solves problems. Health is number one. Life: From selfishness to selflessness. The brain cannot know God. Trump’s persuasive skill.

October 23, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Hillary makes joke of Benghazi deception - 1 Hillary acting like star at Benghazi hearing. Blacks addicted to Democrats. 2 Hillary going to the Katy Perry concert. 3 Demoralizing America. 4 Hillary coughing fit, Elijah Cummings defends her. 5 the Antidote.

HOUR 2 Communist anti-police protests - Excusing black crime - 1 Media covers little liberal protests. 2 White lives matter. Jesse in the news on anti-police protestors. 3 Leaders with character. 4 Truth defeats liars like Farrakhan who are about power. Black crime vs white: Pure diversion.

HOUR 3 Detroit and Gary - Dire situation in black community - 1 Detroit pastor kills man confronting him over affair. Desperate situation in Gary, IN. 2 Detroit pastor. Obama made blacks worse. 3 “Whites do it too” excuse for black wrongdoing. 4 Jesse’s concern for black men. Need Christ in White House. 5 Empty accusation. Hurricane Patricia.

October 22, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Hillary scot-free - Transgender Muslim - Sarah Silverman - 1 Hillary gonna get away with it. No Paul Ryan! 2 Transgender Muslim man (“woman”) sues CAIR. Canada PM pulling out of fight against ISIS. 3 Sarah Silverman, depressed “since 13,” lied on wage gap. 4 Silverman’s lies.

HOUR 2 Trump vs Obama - Blacks in confusion - Boys vs Girls - 1 Trump vs. Black Lives Matter. Obama vs. hecklers. 2 Many blacks following evil men. Caller on family. 3 Do boys or girls mature earlier? Physical vs. spiritual maturity. 4 Brain development and emotions of boys and girls.

HOUR 3 Fear empowers evil - Blacks support Trump - Muslim clock boy - 1 Drug dealing cop killer. Evil unleashed. 2 Black actor supporting Trump? 3 Anthony Mackie “joking.” Trump vs. Carson with blacks. 4 Emails & FB comments. Ahmed Mohamed clock boy at White House.

October 21, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump on the issues - Bush to blame for 9-11 - 1 Paul Ryan RINO. Can’t stop Trump. Illegal aliens and murder. 2 W. calls Cruz opportunistic sucking up to Trump. Trump on the issues. 3 EPA polluting America. Honest businessman. 4 Bush to blame for 9/11?

HOUR 2 NYPD officer murdered - Racism or black immorality - 1 Blacks miss evil of Black Lives Matter. DOJ attacking whites. 2 Black officer murdered in Harlem. 3 Police union president only heartfelt leader. Evidence racism exists? 4 Blacks commit more crime due to moral fall for free stuff.

HOUR 3 Kevin-Jamal Muhammad on Louis Farrakhan - 1 Justice Or Else. Charleston shooting. 2 Farrakhan’s call to kill. KKK same spirit. Reparations. 3 Call to kill whites, cops. Follow man or God. 4 Blacks murder whites, blacks. 5 Love all but “persecutors.” Slave names.

October 20, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Pamela D Wilson on caregiving - Abortion - Climate Change - PamelaDWilson.com 1 The Caregiving Navigator, author of The Caregiving Trap. 2 Alzheimer’s disease and anger. 3 Planned Parenthood says no more pay for baby parts; defunded by Texas. 4 Gov. Brown lies about fires.

HOUR 2 Black Lives Matter - Loving God alone - Fatherlessness - 1 Black Lives Matter runs L.A. Mayor from his own town hall. 2 Seduced blacks overrun weak leaders. Abortion lobby. Lamar Odom’s struggle. 3 Putting women in place of God. 4 Black caller on growing up without father.

HOUR 3 Man is the head - Oprah promoting lies - 1 Man without father now has a family. 2 Oprah, Colbert on Bible verses. 3 Feel-good. On transgender Janet Mock. Racism lie to angry. 4 Fooled by the lie of racism. 5 Email from Nancy of Grants Pass

October 19, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Aaron Cline Hanbury on pornography - Lamar Odom - RelevantMagazine.com - Twitter.com/ACHanbury 1 Playboy going non-nude not a good sign. 2 Women’s responsibility. 3 Lamar Odom woke up, the Kardashians by his side. 4 How do you know who is going to hell? God gave us the Holy Spirit.

HOUR 2 Tony Perkins on No Fear - Chris Mintz - TonyPerkins.com 1 Family Research Council president on standing for truth. 2 Faith is the answer. Fear God over man. 3 Overcoming fear and anger. Taking the sinners’ money. 4 Oregon shooting victim Chris Mintz recounts shooting.

HOUR 3 Conspiracy theorists - Racism lie - 1 Believing conspiracy theories vs. not knowing. 2 Conspiracies vs. evil working. 3 The federal reserve conspiracy. 4 Fooled believing lie that racism is real.

October 16, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump vs CNBC - Call from UK - Rage to Responsibility - 1 Palestinians set fire to Joseph’s tomb. 2 Emails, FB: Socialism, Bernie, and blacks. 3 Trump threatens to boycott CNBC debate. 4 UK caller on freedom, From Rage to Responsibility. 5 Racism does not exist.

HOUR 2 Cop beats ambush - Black blindness - Lamar Odom sad story - 1 Learn from Donald. Cop protects his neighborhood. 2 Caller blames whites for black immorality 3 Jew haters. Trump’s stand on debate. Liberals use force of law to effect evil change. 4 Lamar Odom’s sad story.

HOUR 3 Hannity radio - False idea of racism - Odom hated his father - 1 Jesse on Sean Hannity with Black Lives Matter, Farrakhan. 2 Racism does not exist—spiritual, not physical battle. 3 Odom hated father. Execute Danish girl? 4 The shallow-thinking lie of “racism.”

October 15, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Patrick Dollard - Immigration - Trump vs feminists - 1 PatDollard.com (coming soon) on anti-white, anti-Christian immigration law. 2 Fraud of Norbert Schlei. White fear of being called racist. 3 White genocide. 70% of Jews are leftist. 4 Anger of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Trump vs. feminism.

HOUR 2 Racism an illusion - Muslim brainwashing and murder - 1 No such thing as racism. Illusion of the mind. 2 Danish girl, 15, stabbed mother to death with Muslim refugee boyfriend. 3 Death sentence for teen? Existence of time and racism. 4 Born of spirit. Atlanta fire chief fired for belief. 5 Execute killer girl?

HOUR 3 David Kupelian - SnappingOfTheAmericanMind.com - Author, “The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture.” 1 Chaos Theory: Brainwashing. 2 Overcome anger. 3-4 Black fire chief fired for anti-gay book. 5 Good vs. evil.

October 14, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Writer analyzes Trump - Obama empty - 1 Trump vs. RINOs. Obama’s damage to US. Carson’s rise with “courage.” 2 Dilbert comic creator analyzes Trump. 3 Trump’s God-given skill. 4 Obama’s evil, shallow analysis of Trump, wishfully says he’ll lose.

HOUR 2 Patrick Rooney behind the Dem Debates - 1 Evil Hillary, socialist Sanders, wonky O’Malley, sensible Webb. 2 Phony Black Lives Matter. Attacking NRA. 3 O’Malley vs. Sanders on guns. 4 Dumb Million Man March. Caller says whites all same. 5 Democrat war on men.

HOUR 3 Marquis - Forgiveness of Mother and Father - 1 Alabama BOND man told by Jesse wearing earrings “woman-like.” 2 Choosing between parents in divorce. Dealing with anger via sex. 3 Real love and honesty with mother. 4 Forgiving father in excuses. Being a man.

October 13, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Jay Horton - The Raging Liberal - 1 Aspiring actor, Navy vet, Alabama native on religion. 2 Liberalism: Obama vs. Sanders. College brainwashing. Abortion. Same-sex marriage. 3 What is a man? 4 Marriage law. Gun control. Difference of men to women.

HOUR 2 Bryan Barajas - LaRouchePAC.com - 1-800-929-7566 - Activist: Down with Wall Street via Glass-Speagall. 2 Pope is deceived. LaRouche on FDR, Lincoln, Hamilton. Immoral people. 3 Obama’s evil. Mobilize Congress. 4 Helpless angry caller. 5 O’Malley.

HOUR 3 Simone Sebastian - BlackLivesMatter - Violence - Bias - Washington Post: Don’t criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The civil rights movement did, too. 1 Police vs. black violence, drug crime bias. 2 Black morality, respect. 3 Violent crime. Drugs debate. 4 Farrakhan. Drug facts.

October 09, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Fight RINOs - Chicago and Obama - Word of God - 1 Republican fight over House Speaker: Conservatives vs. RINOs. 2 Chicago murders and black redistribution of power. 3 Obama bringing tidal wave of chaos. 4 God puts word and law in our hearts.

HOUR 2 Pastor Jeffrey D Short part 1 - 1 Jesse’s longtime friend’s story and support for Obama. 2 Obama supports evil but blacks support him, excusing same-sex marriage and abortion. 3 Blacks see Obama’s evil but still support him. Callers.

HOUR 3 Pastor Jeffrey D Short part 2 - Debate over Obama’s morality, Michelle Obama’s classiness as a first lady, whether conservative Christians are judgmental, and what Jesus was like.

October 08, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Will Everett - Afghan dancing boys - Amber Rose - Coon - 1 WillEverett.net author “We’ll Live Tomorrow” journalist and aid worker in Afghanistan. 2 Bacha Bazi “Dancing Boys.” 3 Obama silent on rape of boys. Amber Rose “Walk of No Shame.” 4 Prof calls Carson a “coon.”

HOUR 2 Murdoch on Carson vs Obama - Obama defies Roseburg - 1 Murdoch says Carson would be “real black president.” Obama defies Roseburg. 2 Black heroes are evil. Roseburg doesn’t want Obama. 3 Obama Satan’s son. Hero not interested. 4 Gun control in Chicago.

HOUR 3 Bernie Sanders volunteer - Socialism - 1 Peter Hutchisson Shultz on Reagan, immigration, Obama vs. Bush. 2 Socialism and greater good. On Bernie and taxes. 3 Tax rates low? Bernie, Obama support Constitution? Second Amendment? 4 Public defender: race an issue in jury picking. Blacks nearly completely rely on govt: Is that socialism? 5 Trump ideas and style.

October 07, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Carson on guns - Hillary scot-free - Jeb has issues - 1 Ben Carson attacked for logic on guns. 2 Nothing will happen to Hillary. 3 Jeb interview: Showcase of Bush weakness. 4 Jeb needs counseling. 5 Roseburg whites deny Obama; Charleston blacks no sense.

HOUR 2 Blind to Obama - SlutWalk - Racism a lie - 1 Dad un-glorified. Obama no respect. Many won’t hire blacks. 2 SlutWalk Los Angeles. Shamelessness and respect. 3 Racism does not exist. Farrakhan’s evil. 4 Farrakhan's phony. 5 No OK 10 commandments.

HOUR 3 Dr Singh on hell and health - CenterForEnergyMedicine.org (213) 259-4418 1 Do people go to hell? 2 Evil people. The narrow path. 3 Stay healthy. Energy drinks. Avoid the flu. 4 Exercise. Cholesterol Myth by Sinatra. Vaccines and lies.

October 06, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Nicola Mar on bullying - Obama the bully - 1 NicolaMar.com author of “Santa;” #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth, Sex. 2 Depression comes from anger. 3 Stand up to bullies. Outlaw bullying. 4 Obama like a stalker, going to Roseburg unwanted.

HOUR 2 Evil Oprah and Jimmy Carter - 1 Jesse like Uncle Ruckus. Patient endurance. 2 Oprah and Carter lie that cops kill innocent blacks. 3 Oprah the Talented Tenth. Jimmy pretending. White false guilt. 4 How God helps you with addiction.

HOUR 3 Alan Gottlieb - Racist blacks - 1 SAF.org 2nd Amendment vs. “gun control.” 2 Liberals want confiscation and ban. 3 Assisted suicide in CA. Dunkin’ Donuts #BlackLivesMatter. 4 White man fired for joke about coworker’s black boy.

October 05, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Immigration Journalist - Pro-abortion leaders - 1-2 POrchowski.com Dr. Peggy Sands Orchowski, author, The Law that Changed the Face of America: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 3-4 Bill Nye for abortion. Nancy Pelosi evil liar.

HOUR 2 Ex-priest turned atheist - Assisted suicide - 1 Dr Daniel Maguire on Pope and church history. 2 Suffering uncle prescribed death. God and problem of evil. 3 Son’s death. Hateful to call out cowardice? 4 Caller attacks. Judgment. Weakness vs. endurance.

HOUR 3 Dr Robert Olvera - End of life option - 1 In-studio: Catholic physician on family history. 2 Daughter’s leukemia, suffering, and early death. 3 Death with dignity laws. Debate: Is it “suicide?” 4 Does God want suffering or suicide? End of life law this week.

October 02, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Evil of Obama - Too much influence from women - 1 Why Obama is so evil. Emails & FB comments. 2 Jesse compares Rubio and Obama. 3 A man with a woman’s spirit. 4 Caller’s mother introduced him to the Bible and church; he speaks on his father...

HOUR 2 Spiritual blindness - Obama Chicago - Judging others - 1 Can spiritually blind know they’re blind? 2 Obama hypocrisy: Chicago shootings. 3 iPhone 6s. Peeple app rates people. 4 Caller accuses Jesse of hypocrisy. 5 Mother brought religion. Father brought me God.

HOUR 3 Oregon UCC shooting - More guns less crime - 1 Oregon shooting: Obama’s phony response. 2 Mass murderer’s anger started with mother. Obama's evil. Learn of God from father, not mother. 3 Black Israelite does not vote. 4 Friend of victim for concealed carry.

October 01, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 L.A. Republicans - Farrakhan on Jay Z - Azealia Banks - 1 SLAIRA.com Michele Penman, South L.A. Inglewood Republican Assembly. 2 Farrakhan wants Jay Z to tell Beyonce to cover up. 3 Is predestination real? Azealia Banks calls out “gay white KKK.”

HOUR 2 Tamara Neal - Abusive relationships - 1 TamaraNeal.com 911 calls. Domestic abuse. 2 Book: “Venomous Relationships.” Men overreact to abusive women. 3 Dishonesty in abuse. Spirituality vs. religion. 4 Caller on blaming women. Sex before marriage?

HOUR 3 Debate - Christian or secular America - Andrew Seidel FFRF.org VS. Marc Alan Urbach ”Believe: Do We Need a Third Great Awakening?" Separation of church and state. “Christian nation?” Kim Davis conscientious objector? Homosexuality and 14th Amendment.

September 30, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Ashley Tose 2 - I Hate White America - IHateWhiteAmerica.blogspot 1 Fox News “lies” about Obama. 2 Why black history is evil. 3 Blacks the most angry, hateful people: the Antidote. 4 Callers think Ashley hates whites.

HOUR 2 James Lancia - Downtown White Police - 1 Liberal lies. Retired cop of high-crime Bridgeport. 2 Black cops avoid black areas. Dividing races to federalize police. 3 How policing changes cops. 4 Elizabeth Warren insanity. Black Lives Matter. Downtown-White-Police-Militarizing-Enforcement

HOUR 3 Josiah Hesse - Cosby rape accusations - JosiahHesse 1 Losing faith. Bill Cosby’s classic “Himself,” rape accusations. 2 Is standing for good punished? Are 53 false accusations possible? 3 Caller on journalism. 4 Rape and accusation.

September 29, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Bill Lockwood - Socialism - Islam - AmericanLibertyWithBillLockwood 1 How human nature has fallen to socialism. 2 Muslim refugee terror attacks. 3 Long-term socialistic vision. 4 Reprobate mind. Church failure. 5 Obama: Immorality trumps Christianity.

HOUR 2 Racist Black Lives Matter - Elizabeth Warren a fool - 1 Black Lives Matter a racist movement. 2 Elizabeth Warren lies and has no love for blacks. 3 Race war against whites. The Antidote. 4 Most hate blacks because of their attitude.

HOUR 3 Black women threaten cops - The blind hate Trump - 1 Most know to avoid most blacks. 2 Women arrested for threatening cops and whites. 3 Blind criticism of Trump. 4 Trump knocks Rubio to boos. 5 Overreacting to situations makes you worse.

September 28, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Joelle Casteix on sexual abuse - Carly Fiorina - 1 Casteix.com author and activist on Pope. 2 Male victims and teachers unions. 3 Andre on hoping for a son. Pat’s speech. 4 Carly Fiorina on Jimmy Fallon: More of the same: RINO.

HOUR 2 How fathers are undermined - Predestination - 1 Weak men vs. Trump. 2 Atlanta blacks attack Asian. Send children to their father. 3 Why mothers interrupt children’s relationship with fathers. 4 Are some people predestined for hell?

HOUR 3 Christ died for all - 1 Does God predestine people for hell? 2 Did Christ come for all or some? 3 Bachelor parties. Bible the word from God. 4 Midtown Atlanta blacks attack and rob Asian man. 5 Black robbery stats.

September 25, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Christian parents - Evil attacks Trump - Carly RINO - 1 Emails and FB comments: Christian Atlanta parents. 2 Dems and RINOs join against Trump. 3 Divided country; Republicans betrayed voters. 4 I would never vote for Carly Fiorina.

HOUR 2 Liberal Pope - Dangerous ghetto - War Room movie - 1 Pope vaguely lectures U.S. on illegals. 2 Liberals think phony Pope embodies Jesus. 3 Caller’s family members murdered in projects. 4 “War Room” not a “black movie.”

HOUR 3 War Room - Man as Christ - Drunks - 1 War Room about prayer, but man should lead. 2 Man as Christ representative should not cry to women. 3 Whites’ issues with alcohol. 4 Caller compliments Jesse on deep thinking.

September 24, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Coward liberal - Why we have Muslims today - 1 Chicken Song for Joseph Kyle. 2 Mecca stampede. Background of Islam. 3 Christians not tough toward bully Muslims. 4 Abraham and Hagar had Ishmael whose children are against the world.

HOUR 2 Trump attacked as a man - Angry black young men - 1 Weak people attack man of courage, Trump. 2 Carly’s false “sexism” accusation. 3 Angry black callers go off. 4 Jesse hangs up on impatient black caller. Black-on-white crime stats.

HOUR 3 Forgiveness - Trump kids - Farrakhan hates USA - 1 How anger controls you, the spirit of Satan. 2 Trump’s son Eric and daughter Ivanka love their father. 3 Farrakhan’s “Justice Or Else” hatred and lies. 4 Farrakhan allowed to spread evil.

September 23, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Arrogance of politicians - Liar Bernie Sanders - 1 More educated, more prideful. 2 Abortion, same-sex marriage top moral problems. 3 Bernie Sanders ignores lack of family and relative wealth of “poor” Americans. 4 Lies and value.

HOUR 2 Failure of parents - Bible of God or from God - 1 Atlanta parents “forgive” boys who tried to kill them. 2 Azealia Banks airplane outburst. 3 Parents false Christianity. The Bible word of God vs. from God. 4 Should we study to know God?

HOUR 3 Returning to God - Love your earthly father - 1 Return to the father. 2 Is the Bible wrong when it says to “study?” 3 Why didn’t your father introducer you to God? 4 Salvation without your earthly father? “Deceived by grandma.”

September 22, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Biblical Question - Angry bereaved father - 1 Show preview. Is the Bible the word OF God or FROM God? 2 Alabama church shooting by father/boyfriend. 3 Evil taking over. 4 Mother or father’s influence in religion.

HOUR 2 Right to die laws - Putin straight pride - 1 Kathryn Tucker of DisabilityRightsLegalCenter.org on “aid in dying” 2 Is your life yours to take? Cowardly or courageous? 3 Patient state of mind. 4 Caller from Russia on Putin, homosexuality.

HOUR 3 Ben Carson vs CAIR - Word OF vs FROM God - 1 Ben Carson attacked by CAIR. 2 Ben defends themselves. Harry Reid’s lie. 3 The word OF God vs. the word FROM God. 4 #ShoutYourAbortion is men’s fault. Vote for the lesser of two evils?

September 21, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 The Christianity Myth - Christianity by women - 1 Author K. A. G. Thackerey, church-attending atheist. 2 Retired chemist decided resurrection is a lie. 3 Caller challenges. 4 Trump brings Bible from mother: Women influencing religion.

HOUR 2 Iraqi Christian Relief Council - Homosexuality promoted - 1 VictimsOfISIS.org Juliana Taimoorazy: Persecuted Christians. 2 Women influence Christianity. 3 Doritos, AmEx support homosexuality. 4 Carly loves Jesse Jackson. 5 White man beheads mother.

HOUR 3 Ben Carson NO Muslim President - Trump - RINOS - 1 Ben Carson says no Muslims for President. 2 Trump’s tweets about not defending Obama. 3 Bible: Word OF God or FROM God? John McCain flashback. 4 Black excuses. Slander of Islam.

September 18, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Anger - Youth - Debate - 1 The way anger holds you back. 2 Shyness, regret, and overcoming. 3 CNN GOP debate highlights. 4 Caller on Jesse, debate, abortion. 5 Mecca crane collapse.

HOUR 2 Fathers - Clock of Ahmed - 1 Effect of weak fathers. 2 Ahmed, 14, arrested for bomb-looking clock. 3 Muslim kid setup whites and Christians. 4 Profiling is good.

HOUR 3 Muslim Obama - War on whites - Kim Davis - 1 Trump hears Obama-Muslim concern. 2 Liberals think Obama is not a Muslim. 3 Boogeyman cops. Race war. 4 Homosexual stats. Kim Davis a Christian soldier.

September 17, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Patrick Rooney debate analysis - 1 Rubio, Christie, Fiorina most prepared. Anti-Trump crowd. 2 Trump just OK. Carly phony and mean. 3 Carson no leader. Vaccines. 4 Foreign policy: Dealing with enemies. Rand hair. Speak English. 5 Huckabee.

HOUR 2 Jesse gives debate results - 1 Not one candidate trustworthy but Trump. 2 Rubio just like Obama. Carson unconfident. 3 Stand alone with truth. 4 Trump is himself, not Reagan. 5 GOP liars.

HOUR 3 Angry RINOs - Sexist Carly - Illegal-loving Jeb - 1 Angry, boot-licking GOP liars. 2 Carly’s dog-whistle sexism. Lying, stealing Hispanics. 3 Carson soft. Cruz politician. Jeb’s Mexican wife. 4 Illegal act of love. 5 Los Angeles anti-Trump petition.

September 16, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Dr Jim Penman - US needs strength - Hate crime - 1 Biohistory.org author on Western decline. 2 Debate on Trump candidacy. 3 Caller on US and Trump strength. 4 Hate crime: Black woman sics dog on white man.

HOUR 2 Man-woman relationship hell and cure - 1 University murder-suicide over a woman. 2 Pastor outed on Ashley Madison commits suicide. 3 Story of counseling with sex addict. 4 Hatred of your mother causes attraction and false identify.

HOUR 3 Dr Singh on health and truth - 1 Commitment to truth, not government or media. 2 Fix health issues yourself first. 3 Dealing with hormones. Adam and Garden of Eden. 4 Testimonial of Dr. Singh’s help with child. Nutrition advice.

September 15, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Kim Davis stands - Real humility - Carson vs Trump - 1 MLK was not for gay marriage. 2 Gay marriage not valid. Spiritual battle. 3 Do the right thing. Kim Davis betrayed by government. 4 Carson on humility and fear of the Lord. 5 Trump hits back.

HOUR 2 Carson apology - Ferguson caller - Funny Trump - 1 Ben Carson apologizes for questioning Trump’s faith. 2 St. Louis caller ashamed of Ferguson. 3 Emotional, angry people. 4 Caller on War Room movie. Donald Trump on Jimmy Fallon.

HOUR 3 Randy Thomasson on suicide - Black killers - 1 SaveCalifornia.com Men lost. Assisted suicide. 2 “Right to die.” Cruz and Huckabee for Constitution. 3 KY Trooper killed trying to help black man. 4 Black young men try to kill parents.

September 14, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Ashley Tose - I Hate White America - 1 The difference between hate and irritation? 2 On illegal aliens, Farrakhan’s racism, Spirituality. 3 Why not marry? Why blacks suffer. 4 More on illegals. Bombarded with sex.

HOUR 2 Cop killed - Discrimination - Black crime and racism - 1 Idiot black cop killer in Kentucky. 2 Roscoe’s Chicken N’ Waffles sued by black. 3 Caller shrugs off black crime and leaders. 4 Caller unconcerned about cop killed. Ben Carson wouldn’t have shot Mike Brown?

HOUR 3 Eric Gladen on vaccines - Obama Muslim - Abortion - 1 Director of TraceAmounts.com had mercury poisoning. 2 Why Californians fall for forced vaccines. 3 Almost 1/3 Americans think Obama is Muslim. 4 Abortion survivor’s testimony to senate.

September 11, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Remembering 9/11 - Islam and women - Men - 1 September 11th attack 14 years ago. 2 America not respected: Thanks, Obama. 3 Muslim rapes German 7-y-o girl. 3 Obama not presidential. Female caller wants to make Jesse a man. 5 the Antidote

HOUR 2 Trump knocks Carly - Barack and Michelle - 1 Trump on Carly. 2 Do you value your opinion? 3 Trump will eliminate PC. Barack and Michelle. 4 Caller on black respect. 5 Talking about women.

HOUR 3 Women’s looks - 9/11 conspiracy - True humility - 1 Judging women by looks. Leave blacks alone. 9/11 inside job? 2 Conspiracy theorists. Honest with your wife? 3 Letting oneself go. Value your opinion? 4 Jindal attacks. Carson’s “humility.” 5 Muslims, like blacks, do not denounce wrong.

September 10, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Kyle Hunt - whites under attack - white cowardice - 1 Founder RenegadeBroadcasting.com and RenegadeTribune.com Jewish anti-white propaganda. 2 Whites don’t defend themselves. Knowledge without courage. 3 Race war. Love and freedom vs. anti-discrimination. 4 Whites can defend America like Israel defends itself. 5 Whites should correct blacks.

HOUR 2 Protest Iran nuclear deal - Whites made USA - 1 Michael Pregent of VetsAgainstDeal.com 2 Donald Trump on Iran deal. Caller on whites. 3 the Antidote sent by God, speaking to spirit. 4 Righteousness for America. Jealousy of helpful whites. 5 Do you love whites?

HOUR 3 David M Weitzman - US History - Civil Rights - 1 author: Living a Life That Matters: Memoirs of the Marquis de Lafayette. 2 Parents harassed for civil rights. Define liberal. 3 Kim Davis vs. George Wallace, homosexuality vs. black skin. 4 Caller criticizes black-and-homosexual parallel.

September 09, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 AMAC - Kim Davis free - The soul defined - 1 Dan Weber, founder of Association of Mature American Citizens. 2 Hillary says she’s sorry. Rosa Parks-like hero Kim Davis out of jail. 3 Caller: What is the soul? 4 On Trump signing.

HOUR 2 Elijah Pathfinder on family and racism - 1 Former prison inmate on family situation. 2 War on black people? 3 Farrakhan and police in America. 4 Would a real man blame someone else for his problems?

HOUR 3 Colin Powell - Racism and anger - Conservative convert - 1 Colin Powell is an evil racist. 2 Caller on Nathan Ener “racism” and Obama’s failure to help. 3 Education won’t solve anger. 4 Black former liberal from Chicago.

September 08, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Holiday fun - Kareem - Refugees 1 Labor Day weekend with James & Jesse. 2 Andre’s holiday. 3 Show preview: Kareem vs. Trump, shootings. 4 Refugee situation in Syria: Obama’s fault for not dealing with ISIS.

HOUR 2 Women on TV - Psychic influence - Black Lives Matter - 1 GUEST: Lisa N. Edwards on women vs. men in Hollywood. 2 Lisa on psychics & suggestion. Caller on life. 3 SIMULCAST: Craig Anderson, Midland, TX, KWEL.com on anti-police Black Lives Matter.

HOUR 3 Vacation pics - Dishonesty - Vegas cop shooting - 1 Nature photos in Arizona. 2 Dishonest man loses all his business. 3 Be honest. 4 Vegas cops shot. 5 Threatening 911 call in Aurora, CO, about killing cops.

September 04, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Gays attack Kim Davis - Weak Christians comply - 1 Trump, Carson, Cruz no RINOs. Evil activists, courts. 2 Gays yelling. Kim Davis modern day Rosa Parks. 3 Trump on speaking English. Weak Christians. 4 Kim like Daniel. 5 the Antidote.

HOUR 2 Trump VS Hewitt - Define the soul - 1 Kim Davis standing for good. Trump beats gotcha questions. 2 What is the soul? 3 Controlling time. Do you have a soul? Weiner defends wife against Trump. 4 Muslims ok with liberals. 5 Your support.

HOUR 3 Law of God - the soul - Kim Davis - Farrakhan - 1 Man perverts Constitution and God’s law. Crazy caller. 2 Caller defines the soul. Kim Davis a Martyr. 3 Caller: Support Kim. Son influenced by dad’s look. 4 Farrakhan’s hate.

September 03, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Trump VS Jeb - Planned Parenthood - Kentucky clerk - 1 Trump exposing evil, mocks Jeb for speaking Spanish. 2 CMP’s 9th Planned Parenthood video. 3 Baby body parts companies in-fighting. 4 Kentucky clerk defies Supreme Court. 5 What is the soul?

HOUR 2 Killing whites and cops - Debate on Trump immigration - 1 Open season on whites, cops. 2 Republicans, whites won’t stop evil. What is the soul? 3 Alfonso Aguilar of American Principles Project debates strategic fence vs. wall. 4 Is Trump a liar like RINOs?

HOUR 3 Tonya Ingram on depression - 1 Guest on trauma, absent father, depression. 2 Others suffering, drugs, chemical imbalance, anger. 3 YouTube.com/tonyaingram You cannot work on forgiveness. 4 Deception about depression.

September 02, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Kanye West on the edge - Pope forgives sin - 1 Life is not for stressing. 2 Kanye’s anger and disrespect. 3 Taylor Swift kisses up to Kanye. 4 The pope and priests can forgive sin?

HOUR 2 Climate change scam - Exploiting anger of blacks - 1 M. Sterling Burnett of Heartland.org on climate change. 2 Children of the devil are angry. 3 Abnormal for men to have anger. Cop killed near Chicago. 4 Obama undermined law. 5 the Antidote.

HOUR 3 Racially pure man - Virginia shooting conspiracy - 1 Terry of Burnett, IL: What is a man? God condemns race mixing? 2 Are all people racist? Conspiracy theorist. 3 Virginia shooting a hoax. Shows guns. 4 Callers challenge.

September 01, 2015
Hour 1  Hour 2  Hour 3 

HOUR 1 Blacks kill cops - Christian defies Court - Antisemite - 1 New Black Panthers threaten cops. 2 Cop-killer’s mom attempts alibi. 3 Kentucky clerk defies U.S. Supreme Court on licenses. 4 Anti-semite tells jury not to convict him for murders, convicted.

HOUR 2 Philip Howard on lawmaking - Pity is sin - 1 Founder of Common Good touches on immigration, Jeb, Hillary. 2 Author of “The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government.” 3 Caller on corrupt leaders. 4 Caller on hell and pity.

HOUR 3 Rita Marcoli on injustice - Obama and black hatred - 1 Author of “Murder in a Child’s Mind” on false convictions. 2 Unequal justice and media corruption. 3 Obama renames Mount McKinley to Denali. 4 Stumping for Trump; Black-on-white crime disparity.